Outfit Combinations to Wear With White Pants

Outfit Combinations to Wear With White Pants
What to match with white pants ?

Here are the little known outfit combinations to wear with white pants. White pants tend to have several myths associated with them. The color white is not only for wearing between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or only suitable for virgins! It is truly impossible to track where this so-called fashion rule came from. However it is often times linked to the wealthy snobbishness of the 1800-1900s. It is however still an excellent color to wear during the summer months. There are literally hundreds of unique combinations of outfit to wear with white pants. Here are five solid ideas if you are having difficulty putting an outfit together.

Outfit Combinations to Wear With White Pants:

 1. White Skinny Jeans + White Tunic Top. Let me start off with the basics: white. A true accessory diva can pull this look off easily! Wearing a pair of white skinny jeans with a white tunic top will need the color breaks of accessories. Jewelry, handbags, and shoes are your splashes of color here. Wearing dangling turquoise beaded earrings with a bag lined with a turquoise trim would accentuate your sandals that have just a tinge of turquoise in them as well. Remember to wear a light to almost pale makeup hew for this outfit, and finish with nude lip gloss!

2. White Pants + Bright Red/Animal Print.  Secondly, there is always the fun and seductive sexy look that is impressive both during the day and in the evening. While wearing white pants a perfect companion is bright red and animal prints. The actual animal print is up to your likes and dislikes; however zebra or leopard is an excellent contributor. Gold bangles and gold hoops are the perfect jewelry to accessorize all while carrying an animal engraved print white clutch. A red flowing sleeveless shirt and a pair of animal print heels make this entire outfit pop! Keep your lipstick and nail polish the same shade as the shirt, and finish it off with a solid smoky eyelid.

3. White Skinny Pants  + Pastel Color Top. Next, an obvious choice would be pastels. Too many people think that white skinny pants cannot pull off a look for every occasion, but I strongly disagree! White skinny pants are an excellent pairing with a pastel color silk top, maybe one with some beading embroidery on it to catch a sparkle in the lighting. Jewelry would be simple, yet elegant, a pair of pearl earrings, a white banded watch, and a cream colored purse will extenuate your cream colored flats. This outfit is ideal to go all natural with the makeup as well. A simple base or foundation will be nice and calm.

4. White Pants + Flower Color Top. Flowers bloom in thousands upon thousands of different colors, and every single one of those colors looks great with white pants! The warmer seasons call out for colors and flowers both. Feel free to sport your wide legged white pants with a flowers sleeveless light shirt. Pairing a cute set of colored feather earrings and a set of multi colored bangles bring the entire outfit together. No matter how cute you are, do not forget your wicker and colorful wedges with just a touch of nude lip gloss and a bit of mascara.

5. White Trouser + Navy Blue/White Striped T-shirt. Lastly, if there is one color that will never go out of style, it is navy blue. Navy allows a person to wear it with a certain level of sophistication and elegance, all while being comfortable. Not many outfits are as forgiving as a nice pair of trousers paired with a navy and white striped t-shirt. Top it off with a nice satchel over your shoulder and your favorite pair of navy, red, and white platform sandals. It is okay to copy the horse race look with a floppy hat and long gold necklace.

Just because the tag says it is your size, squeeze into a size smaller! When your white pants are a smidge tighter and paired with either a wedge or a platform, you will look amazing! This is a good look no matter what the season.

 What to Wear Under White Pants

1. No matter what you decide to pair with your white pants the truly important point is what to wear under your white pants. Yes, there are clear cut rules in regards to undergarments that are appropriate. No colors, prints, patterns, and certainly no things!

2. Wearing a modest pair of white, nude or taupe colored panties is highly recommended and more over strongly suggested. There is a rule that you may want to keep in mind, if you are ‘not sure’ whether you should wear it, don’t wear it.

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