What Jewelry to Wear with V-neck Dress

What Jewelry to Wear with V-neck Dress
Necklace to Wear With V-neck Dress

A good dress is incomplete without suitable jewelry to make you look perfect. The jewelry should be in accordance with the dress you are wearing. The jewelry should compliment your dress. While selecting jewelry to wear with a dress you should keep in mind certain things. If you are wearing printed dress, then you should avoid wearing heavy jewelry instead wear something simple and light. Wearing unnecessarily too much jewelry does not add glamour to your look instead it can spoil your look.

What kind of a face suit V-neck dresses? A V-neck makes the neck appear longer. Women who have round or square faces look good in V-neck dresses. Deeper V-neck suits women having wide shoulder. Women with long necks and long faces should avoid wearing V-neck. The jewelry that will suit with a V-neck dress has been described below:

1. Necklaces of beads or pearls suit best with a V-neck dress.

2. Necklaces with a pendant will suit best with a V-neck dress.

3. Round choker and round necklace do not suit V-neck dress.

4. Necklace that forms a V-shape after wearing are suitable for V-neck dress.

5. Princess necklaces that are about 45-50 cm long suits well a V-neck dress. This necklace must have a good pendant.

6. For a plain black dress, necklace of pearls and beads will be the best.

7. For a formal look, wear a simple necklace and a pair of studs. Studs are earrings that are not of much length as chandelier. It remains attached to the ear.

8. Similarly, it is preferable to avoid wearing a necklace along with a pair of dangle earrings. Dangle earrings are also known as chandelier earrings and drop earrings. These earrings are a little longer in length than studs and so, hang below the ear.

9. For a prom night you can wear jewelry of Swarovski crystal. It will make you look glamorous.

When you have selected the dress which you want to wear for an occasion, ensure that you also select the jewelry that will suit the dress. Your dress and your jewelry together define your style. Your style describes you and your preferences.

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