10 Most Common Hair Removal Mistakes

Biggest hair removal mistakes 

Ever had that hair removal mistake that you’d really say to yourself – that was really stupid? Take pride that you have gone through the list below. And just don’t do them again. Below are the 10 most common hair removal mistakes & how you can fix them:

1. Tweezing eyebrows while contouring, or rather distorting your face: It’s fun to make faces on the mirror and trick your own self into having a slimmer face. But when you’re shaping your eyebrows, don’t lift your brows with your free hand or even by your face muscles. Relax your face as much as possible to avoid pulling the wrong set of hairs. Or else, it’ll look overdone and it’ll take about two weeks to regrow. If you think you’ve made that mistake, then remedy your perfect arch with your eyebrow pencil.

2. Shave on a dull blade: Think again about reusing your razor blade that has been sitting in your bathroom for weeks. Using dull blades can result to red bumps on your legs. IT’s better to just buy razor blades in bulk and throw one after you use it. Not only you’ll save your from infection and rust, it prevents those painful instances that results to red bumps.

3. Shave during a hot bath: Hot baths are just simply relaxing, but avoid shaving right after one. Hot or warm water makes skin soft and a bit puffy after couple minutes of soaking, and it’s not right to glide the razor on such. If you really have to shave, please do it before the warm bath.

4. Not exfoliating before waxing: You should prepare your skin before any waxing sessions. Exfoliating removes dead skins cells and dirt, and helps getting smaller hairs waxed out. Aim to exfoliate at least within two days before a wax session. And you know another the plus side on this? It prevents ingrown hair.

5. Missed a spot!: Now that one embarrassing mistake when someone sees that you’ve missed a spot. Commons spots that we all miss? This includes the knees, hair on ankles, especially the areas at the back.

6. Exfoliating right after waxing: Now this is the reverse of the one above. You’ve just had your hairs pulled out and now you want to scrub your skin? Don’t because it’ll be painful and may cause skin problems later. Wait for at most two days before you exfoliate your skin again.

7. Shaving against the direction of hair growth: Always shave in the direction on how your hair grows and not against it. That way, you’ll prevent ingrown hair and bumps.

8. Not using a shaving cream: Using shaving cream help in doing the job better, helps glide the razor smoothly. In case you ran out of it, you can use hair conditioner. Just make sure you glide the razor just like when you’re using the shaving cream. It’s all the technique.

9. Shaving or waxing frequently: Too much of something can result to something bad. Resist the urge, and you’ll avoid skin irritations caused by frequent waxing or shaving.

10. Sunbathing before a waxing or shaving session: Don’t go to a waxing or even laser hair removal session just after sunbathing. Sunbathing can cause sunburn and inflammation on your skin and waxing on that is just not right. Get your tan after or before two days of your waxing session to allow skin heal or any inflammation to settle down.