Best Dresses To Wear With Ugg Boots

Dresses to Wear with Ugg Boots What cute outfits to match with ugg boots ?

There are a lot of choices on what dress to wear with Ugg boots. These sheepskin unisex boots are must have autumn- winter pairs, apart from being comfy, they keep your feet toasty. When is the best time to wear Ugg boots? Are they appropriate for summer? The answer to this is during autumn, when there’s not much rain. However you can still wear them during winter, but mostly indoors. They’re not good for rain, snow or puddle adventures because the material can absorb water. Some people also say these are just for winter but the problem with these boots is that when they get wet, your feet will most likely feel the cold and when this doesn’t dry fast, can cause that moldy smell. Can you wear Ugg boots with dresses? Some say don’t, but some people can pull off really nice outfits with this kind of boots. Here are some best outfit combinations to wear with Ugg Boots.

How to Wear Ugg Boots with Leggings:

1. Black/Blue Leggings + Ugg Boots.  Any bodyfit jeans or leggings are the best style combinations with Ugg boots. Choose black or dark blue leggings to match them with any dress color. Black leggings will be your best friend especially during cold weather.

2. Camel Color Ugg Boot + White Dress + Black Leggings.  Choose a white dress that goes right above your knees, a green cardigan, some bohemian necklace and chestnut or camel Ugg boots. Or here’s another combination that good for casual work days – camel Ugg boots, same white or lacy dress, black leggings, black leather or dark blue jacket and a leather shoulder bag. You can also swap the jacket with a knitted open cardigan that goes same length as your dress.

3. Black Ugg Boots + Blue Dress + Black Leggings. There are only a few dresses that can create a formal style with Ugg boots. The trick to this is to choose all black Ugg boots, no white inner linings, just all black that it looks like typical black boots. Choose a dress in black or dark blue and wear black leggings. Accessorize with lariat or long chain necklace and dangling or chandelier earrings.

4. Striped Dress + Black Leggings + Ugg Boots. Choose dark colored Ugg boots for everyday use. Wear a striped dress, black leggings, denim jacket and a red messenger handbag, or a backpack to hold all your things.

5. Red Dress + Black Leggings + Ugg Boots. This is easy to pull off, choose an A-cut red dress, wear black leggings or stockings and chestnut colored Ugg boots. Keep yourself extra warm with a black cardigan.

6. Chestnut Colored Ugg Boots + Grey Cotton Dress + Cardigan + Black Leggings. Add extra warmth to your outfit during cold days with cardigans. Try this favorite – grey cotton dress and a cardigan, plus chestnut colored Ugg boots. Going for a walk? Look sassy enough with your hair up and your favorite large sunglasses.

7. Black Ugg Boots + Long Sleeve Dress + Black Leggings.  Without looking too comfy and too casual, the key to this is your color choices. You can match black Ugg boots with black long sleeve dress and black leggings. Put on a leather/brown or red belt and a neutral colored infinity scarf, cowl style.

8. Brown Ugg Boots + Grey Maxi Dress. This can look really stunning for slim body types. Wear your classic brown Ugg boots with a grey maxi dress, belt to accentuate your waistline and some metallic cuffs and bangles. Great indoor shopping style!  You also match these boots with long dresses with small floral prints.

9. Blue Dress + Brown Ugg Boots + Leather Messenger Bag.  Got a blue dress? This one is a nice autumn color combination, leather brown and blue. Pair it with brown Ugg boots and a small leather messenger bag.

10. Aztec Dress + Camel Color Ugg Boots.  This look can be really stunning and the trick is to wear minimal accessories. The Aztec prints and colors are loud enough to create a statement with your entire outfit. Choose Ugg boots in dark camel or black color and match it with a short Aztec dress.

11. Can you really wear these during summer? Perhaps if it’s not that hot. Some celebrities wear Ugg boots with short or sleeveless white or floral dress.

Do’s and Don’ts for Ugg Boots

1. Most Ugg boots styles are paired with fit jeans and sweater tops. For dresses, among the common and easy-to-style choices are loose dresses with skirt length that’s above the knee. This applies for both classic and high boots.  However short skirts or dresses should only be worn in warm climates

2. Ugg boots are designed for casual outfits, very rare or never that you’ll see them in red carpet or formal events. They appear too bulky or furry on your feet for formal gowns. Apart from these, don’t wear these boots with track pants or loose pants.