Best Fashion Outfit Ideas to Hide Your Tummy Fat

Best Fashion Outfits to Hide Your Tummy Fat How to hide your tummy fat ?

Tummy fat is a reality that, unless you are genetically blessed with a supermodel physique, we all have to contend with at some point in our lives. To deal with an unsightly belly, we can eat right, exercise, and dress in such a way that conceals our body’s flaws while flattering our natural assets. The first two largely depend on whether or not we want to lose the extra weight. But if you are fine with the way you are right now, the only thing left to do is dress right. The trick is know the best fashion outfit ideas that hide tummy fat, and learn the rules on dressing up to cover it up. Read on to learn more.

What clothes to wear to hide your tummy:

1. Wear loose, but not bulky, garments over your belly- Remember this: Your middle section is not one of your body’s strongest points, so do not highlight it by donning body-hugging leather or spandex tops. They will only emphasize every inch of jiggling fat on your belly. No matter how stylist those tight tops are, they are bound to make you look flabby instead of fab. However, do not overdo this by wearing loose and bulky garments over your tummy. Do not make it look even bigger with pockets or ruffles around your navel.

2. Tuck out- Tucking in your shirt draws attention to your nonexistent waistline, informing everyone who sees that you do not have one. Instead, wear long and loose tops over your skirt or pants. Go for T-shirt blouses. T-shirt blouses are loos shirts that are made with softer, more delicate fabrics, such as silk and polyester. They look a little more formal than your regular shirts and graze your torso lightly and gracefully. Then match it with a blazer or long cardigan.

3. Layer up- Wear layers of different lengths of clothes to disguise your tummy fat. For example, wear a longer cardigan or jacket over a loose and straight top. Layering up creates the illusion that you are longer than you actually are and distracts people who see you from noticing your less-than-perfect tummy.

4. Pair leggings with wide tops- Leggings are the best friend of belly-challenged women. Unlike jeans, leggings adjust to the size of your waist comfortably and leave no bubbles of fat bulging over the edges. When paired with long, loose tops – like a tastefully colored and designed tunic for example – leggings will draw attention away from your hidden belly and make you look longer and leaner.

5. Accessorize anywhere except your tummy- The rule of thumb is to redirect other people’s attention from your body’s flaws. This is why you must never accessorize around your midsection: Do away with bulky belts, ruffles, or drapes around your waist. No matter how fab or stylist they are, these accessories will only accentuate your tummy fat. Instead, use bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

6. Stay away from clingy fabrics- Never wear tops or dresses that hug your body. Instead, wear firm and structured fabrics that fall straight to the floor instead of clinging to your skin.

7. Opt for mid-rise jeans- Jeans is a staple item in anyone’s wardrobe. If you are challenged in your middle section, wear mid-rise jeans. They make your tummy look flatter by resting easily on your waist. Do not wear low-rise or high-waisted jeans; they push up your belly and make you look flabbier in the process.

8. Go asymmetrical- Loose, asymmetrical tops create a long, vertical silhouette that is highly effective in covering up muffin tops. Layered tops will work too, especially when they are asymmetrical.

9. Turn to darker colors- White and other light colors only illuminate your flabs. In choosing what to wear, go for dark-colored tops. They tend to give better “cover” for assets that you do not want to be noticed. Use dark-colored vertical stripes in tops. Patterned tops or loud animal prints, in fashion nowadays, also work marvelously because the divert attention to the details of your clothes, and not the flab underneath them.

10. Invest in shapewear- Use high-waisted, form-shaping bike shorts underneath your clothes to flatten your stomach, hips, and thighs. Shapewear smoothens your flabby areas, reshapes your body’s silhouette, and helps you look longer and leaner. 

Extra tip! Take special note that buying the right size of shapewear is critical. Using a smaller size only leads to bulges and defeats the purpose of wearing shapewear. Wearing a smaller size also exposes you to health risks. Ill-fitting shapewear can compress your organs. To avoid all that, try to personally go to stores and try out sizes. If you are buying online, measure your hips and waist to get a good idea of your size.

11. Wear the right kind of dresses

  • Below-the-knee dresses elongate your body, and in effect make you look leaner.
  • Go for empire waist or A-line dresses; both types just skim the stomach without drawing much attention to your muffin top.
  • If you need to wear long gowns or dresses for a formal event, use dresses with draped detailing in the middle section. Kaftans are always a good choice. You can use Kaftan dresses on the beach or wear long gowns inspired by traditional Kaftan designs.

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  1. Ruth June 10, 2015 at 7:07 pm -

    hi i have read your tips sent for fashion for women with a belly. Must say, i just loved the tips, and i am impressed. Will definitely follow some of them.

  2. Stephanie October 25, 2015 at 1:15 am -

    Tips were ok but would have liked pictures to go with tips. Like a do vs don’t. I have gained a lot of weight due to a medical condition….I was always slim & petite before and shopping was never this hard. I am 4’10” and trying to dress professional is really difficult.