Best Hairstyles for Fat Faces Women

Best Hairstyles for Fat Faces Women Different hairstyles for fat faces women

It is a tough decision when it comes on choosing best hairstyles for fat faces women; firstly we are not too sure on how fat our face is and this is the reason we are unable to determine what kind of hairstyle we should consider on, the starting point to choose a hairstyle for your face is to know what is the shape of your face, though you have a fat face still you will have a shape which can be oval, square, rectangular, round, heart or even triangular. Secondly you will also have to keep in mind the texture of your hair, are they thick or medium? Also you should know whether they are straight, wavy, curly, silky or kinky.

How to know the face shape:

You can find help by reading few of the examples below to determine the shape of most common face’s and accordingly you can choose for the best hairstyle for fat faces.

Oval face shape: If the jaw line is slightly narrower than at the temples and the hairline is a rounded this is where you have an oval face.

Oblong face shape: If the face is long and slender and the width is same as the forehead and cheekbones this is where you have an oblong face.

Round face shape: If you see that you have a full looking face which has round chin and hairline then this is called the round face.

Square face shape: If you see that both the hairline and the jaw line are almost equal in length this is where you have a square face which is very strong looking.

Hairstyles for different faces

1. Hairstyle for Oval Face: With an oval face you will not have difficulty in choosing right kind of hairstyle as any hairstyle from short, medium or long will look good on you, for example you can see hairstyles for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Cameroon Diaz and Cindy Crawford.

2. Hairstyle for Oblong Face: If you have an oblong face then you might consider choosing short or medium length, with this haircut it will shorten the fullness of your face and also the bangs shorten the look of longer faces. The fullness of hair will cover up the side of your face. You check some clicks of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Janet Jackson and Gabrielle Reece.

3. Hairstyle for Round Face: For women who have round faces you can try hair styles with fullness and also that gives height at the crown, often if you give a center parting it will decrease the roundness of the face, hairstyle where the hair is falling just below the chin will look great, your round face will appear longer and narrower by giving layers on the top and then keep the rest a bit closer to the face.

4. Hairstyle for Square Face: As told earlier a square shaped face looks stronger so you can try with short to medium length hairstyles, you may want to try body wave perm if your hair are light and straight as this a hairstyle with curl and waves this will also give a perfect balance to the features of this kind of square shape.