Best Jewelry to Pair with High Neckline Dresses

high-line-ff Jewelry to Match with High Neckline Dresses

High necklines are popular choices for petite or slim women because they accentuate the chest. This style includes halter, jewel, boat neck, turtleneck and cowls neckline. Pairing jewelry with these can sometimes be difficult and awkward. However, here’s a cheat sheet you’ll definitely love that will show you what jewelry to wear with high neck dress. Before we go there, let’s start by defining some popular necklace and earring styles.

For necklaces, we have four types;

1. Chokers are wrapped around the neck and sits high above the collarbone. Let’s avoid this type for high neckline dresses.

2. Princess necklaces are the most common ones, and sits right above the collarbone. This type doesn’t usually go well with high necklines.

3. Matinee necklaces are the longer types and rests just right above the cleavage. This is the most common choice for high neckline dresses.

4. Opera necklaces are the longest types, falls gracefully below or in bust level.

Earrings on the other hand, can be classified based on style. Fashion gurus will usually base their earring preference on the shape of the face. However, when wearing high neckline dresses, it’s also important to choose the right design and length.

1. Stud earrings are the classic ones. These are usually composed of a single gemstone or pearl that sits directly on the earlobe. This can usually go with any type of neckline.

2. Chandelier earrings are the most common choices for formal occasions. Designs vary but the most common style is that the design cascades beautifully. It’s usually set by a stud, hook or clasp on the earlobe.

3. Dangle earrings are similar to chandelier earrings, but has smaller base. They’re designed to sway at the bottom of the earlobes.

4. Teardrops, from the name itself are earrings shaped like teardrops, ideally designed to dangle just right below the earlobe.

Among these types, Chandelier and dangles earring are the ones that look great with high neckline dresses.

What jewelry to wear with high neck dress:

  • Turtlenecks. One thing you should put in mind when wearing high necklines is that you should avoid accessories that would make you look like you’re being strangled. Turtle necklines are already heavy on the neck part, so avoid princess necklaces. The best choice for this neckline is either wear a pair of statement earring or wear it with longer necklaces that drop from the cleavage or below bust level. Matinee and opera style necklaces are the best options, but be careful not to use chunky or oversized ones. Long multi chain matinee or opera necklaces go well with this type of dress neckline. For the more daring ones, bib style matinee necklaces can look amazing as well on turtlenecks.

Crew Necklines

  • Crew Necklines. Not many women like crew necklines, because it looks blunt and not so flattering. However you can still pull off a simple crewneck dress if you use layered necklaces that sit on same level of the collar. This will create the flowing look and decrease the bluntness of crew necklines. Avoid chunk large statement types because it’ll make you look heavy.

High Boat Neckline

  • High Boat Neckline. Just like crewnecks, your jewelry should shift someone’s perspective from the high neckline. For boat necklines however, it tends to accentuate the straight line between the shoulders. Do not use short necklaces on boat necklines. Instead, use statement long matinee necklaces. Layered long necklaces with large statement beads or pendant always look great on boat necklines.

Cowl Necklines

  • Cowl Necklines. A dress with a cowl neckline can be flattering enough on its own. Accessorizing it with a necklace can destroy the beautiful effect of the fabric’s soft curve lines. Skip the necklace collection and use chandelier or dangle earrings instead. If you really must wear a necklace, choose one with small chain and pendant.

High Neckline Halter Dresses

  • High Neckline Halter Dresses. It’s hard to accessorize halter dresses, simply because it covers much of the neckline part, but shows off the shoulders. A necklace won’t make sense with a high halter top or dress, but earrings will do. You can wear chandelier, dangle or statement earrings on this type of dress.