Best Outfits For Pear Shaped Body

Best Outfits For Pear Shaped Body What to wear for a pear shaped body ?

Pear shaped body owners rejoice!  Now learn the best outfit ideas for your body shape. There has never been such a compliment when referring to the female body. There is a very popular song on the radio now by Meghan Trainor that explains it precisely, men are looking for a little more to hold onto! And if your hips and derriere are wider than your shoulders than you are in fact the proud owner of a pear shaped body. Not to mention the fact that if you are a little more blessed up top, you may have that highly sought after hour glass figure. Here are the best outfit ideas for pear shaped body.

Four go to ideas when dressing a pear shaped body 

1. Remember; pointy and wide! Wearing a pointy toe shoe under a pants whose hem is purposefully stitched wide will help the appearance that your legs are longer than they actually are, taking the focal point off of the pear shape itself.

2. Layers are your Friend! While choosing outfits for pear shaped body stick with layers. Layers will actually balance out a person and add a more visual experience to the upper portion of a woman.

3. Focus Upwards! Think waist and up. Focusing on the neckline and the upper portion of the body will help. Choose shirts and dresses that have beaded or jewels around the neckline. Another great option is the fitted tops, button down shirts, and even cardigans.

4. A-Line! An excellent and proven effective way to slim down the perception of the hips in a pear shaped person is to enjoy an A-Line dress. This will place emphasis on the upper part of the body all while slimming the hips.

What skirts look best on pear shaped body

There are many pear shaped celebrities that know just how to dress in order to show off the goods and yet keep it modest and appropriate. Here are a few skirt suggestions to try out in order to hide any figure flaws you are considering.

1. Tweed is excellent. Any texture that is smaller in stature can help hide the hips if need be. Just make sure the texture is on the smaller side so that you are not acquiring quite the opposite look you are going for.

2. No tight skirts. When you wear an all-around tight skirt it makes a person seem quite bottom heavy instead of the look you were going for. A nice style that sits on your hips or waist is perfect. Not a waist line that goes to high.

3. Simple is always acceptable. Sometimes, no matter how much you want to do it, simple is the way to go. The less shiny or glitzy the better. Solid colors, pastels, and even some stripes are fine.

What Pants/Jeans look good on pear shaped body

There are times when you do not feel like wearing a dress or a skirt, then what? There are certain pants and jeans perfect for the pear shaped body. Here are a few examples.

1. Pants that have wide legs or flares, and a flat front are perfect. You can even wear a stretch fabric that hangs nicely yet has slash pockets in the front. Pairing these pants with a nice, solid colored belt would be an excellent choice.

2. Clean, sleek, and straight lines. Nothing crazy and drawing attention down, since you want the attention to remain on the upper portion of your body. Muted colors while featuring straight lines is an even better choice. Colors such as, beige or taupe.

3. Mid-rise is the best option when considering pants or jeans. Mid-rise is also called natural rise and is generally 9-11 inches and is naturally meant to be worn where your natural waist is. This is generally what happens when you wear khakis or even trousers.

How to pick lingerie that complements pear shaped body

Under every flattering skirt, dress, jeans, or pair of pants there are the undergarments! This is one area you cannot disregard. A few things to remember, first of all anything that is saggy, or poorly fitting against your figure get rid of it immediately! You do not have time for poor fitting or minimizing bras and saggy panties. Replace them with push up or padded bras, especially if you have a smaller than average bust. Thigh shaper control panties are nice, but try control top tights instead. They tend to be much more comfortable and not to mention how forgiving they are after a long day at work!

No matter what, love your figure! Whether you are a pear shape, apple shape, or orange shape. Whatever fruit you are comparing yourself too, love yourself. Learn to dress yourself to flatter your figure and not just deal with your figure. Remember the old saying, ’If you got it, flaunt it’!