Clothing for Overweight Teenage Girls

clothing for overweight people Tips to look slimmer and beautiful

Being overweight is something which comes naturally in direction to an apprehension for teenage girls. No matter what age you are in; being overweight is always a problem. However we have prosperity of clothing to wear and to look slimmer. There are some pointers to keep in mind while choosing clothing for overweight teenage girls. You might be in guilt that you cannot wear short skirts as your thighs might look weighty. You can try with few points given below that can help you look slimmer and beautiful.

Fashion tips for overweight teenage girls:

1. Fitted Lingerie

  • Well fitting undergarments are a must for overweight teenage girls as they act like a foundation for your look, it is necessary that you do not wear flimsy underwear that make you look out of shape.
  • The inner wear should support your body in a sufficient manner.Buy a Bra that fits you well and in which you feel comfortable in. A well fitted bra will help you lift up your figure and make you feel beautiful.
  • Wear a low legged and high-waisted underwear which is firm, it will help you on hiding the extra bit of flesh on the thighs and hips. Avoid undergarments which are small as they will not give you the right shape and anyhow you will be feeling uncomfortable wearing them, you can look for the right sizes online as well.

2. Color Choice

  • The color that you choose to wear can draw attention of people towards you or can withdraw it at the same time, so the basic is how to accentuate the curves or bury the flabby parts of your body.Wear dark colors as they can hide and if your wear light colors they will highlight, wear a light colored belt with a dark skirt, if you do not want to flaunt the bottom half of your body then you can wear dark lowers with a light colored top.
  • Wearing big pattern clothes is a big no as they will make you look even heftier; instead wear clothes with small patterns as you will see that you will look much slimmer.

3. Tailored Clothing

  • If you are a teenage girl who is carrying more weight on the hips and thighs then you should reflect on few tips like wearing trousers and skirts which are tailored.
  • Avoid pencil like skirts as they will flaunt the extra pounds that you are worrying about.
  • Skinny or straight legged jeans which are dark in color will look great with a light colored top.
  • While choosing a top avoid round T-shirts, instead look for V-Neck that are not too deep and where in you are not exposing a lot of cleavage. Wear tops that do not go above or below your waist line, button down shirts must be well fitted across the hips and your stomach, this means that there in no pulling of the fabric that can expose your body.
  • Take in mind the authentic accessories like earrings, bangles, short necklaces that can make your wardrobe look versatile and also make the other person to ignore the fattier part of your body.
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