06 Cute Braided Hairstyles for Girls

Princess Braided Hairstyle Trends

Girls absolutely love princess hairstyles inspired by their favorite characters in movies and TV shows. For this year, here are some trendy and cute braided hairstyles for girls inspired by the silver screen princesses and queens.

1. Elsa’s Cute French Braid Hairstyle from the Disney’s movie Frozen:

Many girls love the character, and the songs and the hairstyle of the ice queen in Disney’s movie Frozen. Girls drool over Elsa’s loose braided hairstyle. It’s actually easy to make, it’s a loose textured version of a French braid. You can make this style for girls with long hair. All you need to do is create a loose French braid all the way down. Don’t start too high and too tight, just at the upper back of the head is perfect. Loosely weave large French braids until the end of the strands, secure it with a band, and set it on one side of the head or shoulder. To get the volumnized look, jiggle parts of the braid to loosen it. Next, pull loose some short strands of hair on top of the forehead. Elsa has bangs and these wisps will complete her look.

2. Anna’s Coronation Night Braid Hairstyle:

Another favorite braided hairstyle is also inspired by Disney’s movie Frozen, from Elsa’s cute little sister Anna. She wore a cute braided princess updo during the queen’s coronation night. This hairstyle is a bit more complex but it’s perfect for your little girl formal occasions or with just a casual dress. You’ll need to create two braids and a bun. You’ll need some elastic bands and bobby pins, and a green ribbon for the bun to complete the look of Anna’s hairstyle, but of course you can use other colors.

First, take a huge section of hair on top the head and secure that at the back with an elastic band. Do not take too much hair on the sides because you’ll need it for the braid. Next, you’ll need to create a regular braid from the side strands that will run from the front up to the sides of the head. This should look like a braided headband. Once done, pull all the hair together at the back and secure it as a loop bun. Secure it with bobby pins and tie the ribbon at the bottom part to recreate Anna’s coronation night look.

Khaleesi Braids 3. Khaleesi Braids Hairstyle:

Not that we recommend girls watching the scenes in Game of Thrones, but the Daenerys Targaryens braided hairstyles have sparked trends on various braid techniques. In the first season, as Khaleesi, she gracefully sported multilayer braided style that looked really ethereal with her white hair.

If your girl has long or medium length hair, you can easily recreate Khaleesi’s look by weaving regular braids on each side of the head, then tie them together at the back. Next, start right below the first braid, and create another braid from each side of the head again. Then again, tie them together at the back. You can repeat this again if your girl has longer hair, or for a more beautiful twist, you can create a mermaid braid at the bottom.

Bow Braid Hairstyle4. Bow Braid Hairstyle:

  • Take out a small section of your hair and braid it into French style. Keep ½ inch section as loose, to make bows out of it.
  • Take other ½ inch section of your hair and try to make a loop.
  • Putin the closed end of hairpin first so as it pass through your braid and make s shape of loop.
  • Use your left hand to take out the hairpin and then tie the hair loop so created.
  • Repeat the same step to create loop on the other side of your braid.

Dutch Braid Hairstyle5. Dutch Braid Hairstyle:

  • Comb you hair to remove all knots.
  • Take out a small section of hair from the top of your left ear and braid it into French style.
  • Continue braiding hair till you reach the nape of neck and combine the braided hair with section of unbraided hair.
  • Now do the regular braid of your combined hair and put some bobby pins to make it look smart.

Crown Braid Hairstyle6. Crown Braid Hairstyle:

  • First part your head into two equal section of hair.
  • Start making a simple braid from one side and make sure your braid go towards your face so that it don’t bunch up.
  • Once you are done braiding, pin it up with rubber band
  • Repeat the above listed steps on other side of your head
  • Put one braid over the top of the head leaving about 2 inches of space between forehead and braid.
  • Now also get the 2nd braid to rest over your head
  • Tuck both the braids end with each other and secure them with bobby pins.
  • Now place your braids safely on top of the head with use of bobby pins.