Different Combinations to Accessorize a Maxi Dress

How-to-Accessorize-a-Maxi-Dress How to look beautiful in a Maxi dress ?

How to accessorize a maxi dress depends on the prints and the occasion you’re going to. Nevertheless these long flowing dress and skirts just spell out summer and autumn all over them. Here are some different combinations to accessorize a maxi dress that can inspire your own style:

How to accessorize a maxi dress:

1. The Belt decides the look. If you have a plain colored maxi dress, white, black, blue, green etc., the key to changing the look from casual to glam is the belt. Going for an afternoon date? Wear a brown leather belt. You can also change your look to something more apt for a party night by wearing a gold or silver belt. You can opt to put a slim gold belt just at your waistline and wear chunky layered or statement necklace with it.

2. Italian summer days. Imagine walking on vineyards or at the balcony of your chateau in Tuscany during summer. White maxi dress, black Italian floppy straw hat, celebrity shades and a glass of red wine. Paparazzi might even think you’re the heiress!

3. Scarves of autumn. Ready to go through you scarf collection again? It must be autumn. Well even for summer you can wear one over a maxi dress. If it’s autumn, think of layers and warm red and orange colors. A maxi dress, cardigan and at warm scarf is just a cozy combination. You can wear flats or boots underneath as well.

4. Scarves for summer. Got a sleeveless or tube maxi dress? Choose a scarf with light, airy or linen fabric and drape it like a cowl neckline. Or better, get an infinity scarf, it’s much easier to wear and style. Choose complimentary colors like purple to yellow, blue and white, or if you have a plain maxi dress, wear a scarf that has prints. Floral, geometric and Aztec prints look great on plain dresses.

5. Beach Runway. Maxi dresses are made for the beach runway. Of course, not for swimming. Turn heads by wearing bright summer colors, big shades, and large hoop or bohemian earrings. Walk barefoot on sand or wear flip flops, or thong sandals.

6. Outdoor outfit. Maxi dresses are hot fashion items every summer. Think simple, like a blue or burnt orange maxi dress, white or leather tote, thong sandals, and a brown woven fedora. Perfect for a morning brunch or an afternoon walk at the plaza.

7. Kimono top. Tired of cardigans and denim jackets? Get a kimono top with Aztec prints or floral designs. They’re great over a maxi dress, light, breezy and very feminine. If you can’t find a kimono top, a large square cut scarf will do. All you need to do is fold it horizontally in half, and tie the ends that meet. Then put in your arms on the two holes just like a jacket, and there you go, a make-shift kimono top.

8. Turban urban style. Who says it’s only Italian flappy hats and fedoras are the ones that you can wear with your maxi dress? Consider getting a black women’s turban and wear it with your straight hair down and a black halter maxi dress. Pair this outfit with strappy sandals, and pendant necklace. Simple yet very chic!

Which Purse, handbag or shoulder bag go with Maxi dress:

The best choice is a leather, or mustard color shoulder bag. It goes great with white, orange, black or even printed maxi dresses. A purse can be handy as well. Choose a glittery one to pair with a black or white maxi tube dress if you’re going to a cocktail party.

What jewellery to wear with Maxi dress:

Large funky bangles look great with a tube or halter maxi dress during summer. Wear some large sunglasses, a beach tote and you’re all set. If you’re looking for a maxi dress outfit for a walk downtown, glam up with statement necklaces and bracelets. Black or white maxi dress looks great with turquoise or coral colored necklaces. For earrings, choose dangling or chandelier for a more bohemian look.