Different Combinations to Accessorize a Red Dress

Different Combinations to Accessorize a Red Dress How to accessorize a red dress ?

How to match a red dress with accessories can be daunting task. Most often, the color is fiery enough that it doesn’t need any more reinforcements. It’s the color of love and the color of war as well. Red dresses often radiate sexiness, and sometimes prowess. Here are some different combinations to accessorize a red dress which you can try out.

1. Office Red. Wear a simple clean red dress with black or beige kitty heels. If you think it’s still too loud, wear black stockings and black jacket over. Pair with black or grey purse or handbag. For accessories, choose silver or gunmetal colors.

2. Bridesmaids in Red. The color itself is a representation of love. If you choose to have a red theme for your bridesmaid dresses, the color itself will be enough to give life to the whole event. No need for heavy accessories. Choose simple dangling earrings, studded, silver or gold will do. Heels can be white, silver or studded.

3. Silk Red Dress. Silk fabric has its own shiny property and it can be matched with simple diamond or princess necklace and stud earrings. Wear sleek heels and you’ll capture the holiday season with you.

4. Holiday Cocktail Party in Red. Red is the color of Christmas! A short length cocktail dress that goes right along or above the knee looks great with sleek strappy heels or peep toe slingback heels. For jewelry, choose silver chandelier earrings. Most of the time wearing both statement necklace and earrings may look like a bit of an overdo. But if you’re wearing a red dress with boat neckline, you can wear a lariat chain or long necklace. Keep it simple in gold or silver chain, or perhaps one with a studded ball pendant. If you’re going to wear a silver necklace, it’ll look great if your bracelet or bangles has same tone.

5. Dinner Date Outfit. Looking for a Valentine’s day dinner outfit? Choose a simple red dress that accentuates your shoulders. Pair it with black peep toe pumps, black and silver bangles or bracelet, and an elegant black purse.

6. Casual Summer Outfit. You can tone down the boldness of a red dress with a belt and necklace. Choose a sleek brown leather belt and layered necklace of same color tone of black, coral, silver or gold. Or you can wear a long statement pendant necklace. Match it with thong sandals and a white/black/brown handbag. You can also wear a fedora hat or black vintage flapper hat. So chic!

7. Blue and Red. Can you wear both colors? Yes, try a short or long maxi red dress and a denim jacket. Pair the outfit with flat shoes (for short red dress), military boots or ankle high boots.

8. Casual Autumn. Your scarf collection can never fail you this fall and winter season. You can wear a scarf over your red dress and the key to finding the perfect match are the colors on the fabric print. Choose a patterned scarf with other colors but with red as part of it. Try plaid and pair it denim jacket, cardigan or coat.

What Shoes to Wear with Red Dress:

Red can be empowering and the best match for it is equally stunning set of heels. Matching colors are beige, cream, white, black and even grey. You can choose stiletto heels, peep toes or slingbacks. They also look great on strappy sandals. You can also wear boots for casual outfits.