Different Looks and Combinations to Accessorize a Black Dress

How to accessorize black dress How to accessorize a black dress ?

There’s a ton of different looks and combinations to accessorize a black dress. It’s a must have piece for any woman, a versatile outfit for any occasion. The key to making it work with any event, formal or outdoors, is on the way you match it accessories. Here are 10 different looks and combinations to accessorize a black dress or how to accessorize a black dress:

How to dress up black dress for a wedding party:

1. Black Dress + Layered Necklace + Large Pendant. Wear statement necklaces that pop in color and size. Yes, choose a chunky or layered necklace that steals the boldness of the color black has. Think of turquoise or light coral beads or large pendants with unique designs.

2. The Audrey Hepburn Look. This one is perfect for holiday parties. LBD plus long luxe black gloves that goes beyond the elbows, an Audrey Hepburn updo, classic glamour!

3. Knee Length Black Dress + Gold Belt + Diamond Necklace. Normally you’d go for a classic ball gown, but you can transform a black dress to a sophisticated look with the accessories you chose. Choose one that goes just right below that knee. A simple metallic gold belt can make statement you’re aiming for, add diamond necklace, earrings and bracelets and you can be a modern belle.

How to accessorize a black dress for Summer:

1. Little Black Dress + Pearl Necklace + Felted Hat + Kitten Heels. Remember the movie? This vintage look can be so chic when matched correctly with accessories. If you have a lacy LBD that’s better, but a plain little one is fine. What you need are long lariat pearl necklaces. Have one with a one floral asymmetric piece if possible. Then to complete the look, either wear a simple Gatsby flapper hat , a felted hat, or a art deco flapper headband. You can wear this casually with flat shoes, kitten heels.

2. Black Halter Dress + Bag + Casual Sandels + Hat. Black dresses tend to lean towards the formal vibe look. How can you wear it outdoors during summer? Simple really, match a black tube or halter dress with summer style tote or bag and some casual sandals. Think canvas shoulder or messenger bag or totes with nautical colors of navy blue and white. Add sassy black, beige, suede or woven fedora hat and your favorite summer shades and you’re good for a walk at the bayside.

3. Little Black Dress + Leggings + Flats. This one is great for teenagers and young at heart. Pull off a trendy colorful look with brightly colored stocking or leggings underneath your LBD. Think yellow, mustard yellow, green or blue. And pair that with flats or casual pumps. If you’re not too keen in wearing colored stockings, wear a solid colored cardigan of bright happy colors.

How to wear a black dress for Spring/Autumn:

1. Black Dress + Silver Purse + Belt+ Camel Coat +  Heels.  Matching tones of grey and gunmetal accessories. Think of silver or gunmetal tone on purse or belt. Match it with killer heels and a white or camel coat and you’re off to turn heads at the office.

2. LBD + Leather Jacket + Long Silver Necklace + Heels. A leather jacket with a little black dress adds a different tone and texture to the whole outfit. Pair it with heels and some layered long silver necklace. Want to tone it down and look more casual? Choose a jacket with different color like grey or beige.

3. The French Inspired Look. A sassy little black dress with black stockings, heels or flats and pair it with black gloves and a beret. So chic!

4. Little Black Dress + Casual Jacket + Scarve + Ankle Length Boots. What’s the most versatile accessory that you use in autumn? Scarves! And with autumn, your style is all about the layers. Wrap a cowl around your neck with your LBD, finish the look with a casual jacket or cardigan and ankle high boots. You can also pair it with military boots for a younger trendy look. Use a scarf with autumn colors, plaid, printed or any pattern. Just mix and match the layers and the colors.

You can try the above different ways to accessorize a black dress and look great.