Different Looks and Combinations to Accessorize a White Dress

Looks and Combinations to Accessorize a White Dress How to accessorize a white dress ?

There are various ways to accessorize a white dress. Still most people shy away from wearing a full white outfit in fear of looking like they’re going to a wedding. It’s true, white is commonly used as a main theme in weddings but with the right accessories and texture, you can wear it in almost any occasion, even on outdoor boot camps. Here are different looks and combinations to accessorize a white dress.

1. The New York Socialite: White Knee Length Dress + Pointy Heels + Black Belt. Want to look stunning in a white dress while walking in New York? It’s all about the way you carry your handbag. Think of a white knee length dress, pointy heels, a simple black belt that defines your waist and figure, and what about for your handbag? Carry it arm-crook style just like celebs and high profile CEOs do. Complete this empowering look with large celebrity sunglasses.

2. The Devil Wears Prada Outfit: White Outfit + Black Ballroom Heels + Handbag. Remember the part when Anne Hathaway walked out of the metro with a full white dress coat? Absolutely stunning look given by that simple white outfit paired with heels and plaid beret. Choose black ballroom style heels. Add a satchel or handbag and you’re off making your office a runway.

3. White Gala Night: White Backless Gown + Back Necklace + Heels. A white flowing dress can be perfect for a gala dress. If you want to add some glamour and elegance, choose a clean hair updo and stunning gold earrings. If you’re wearing a white backless gown just like the ones worn in red carpet, add a bit of glitter by wearing a back necklace. And the shoes? White can go with any color, for formal occasions, choose gold, silver, black or iridescent colors. You can use these accent colors on your purse, and on the stiletto heels you’re going to wear.

4. Greek Goddess Look. A long flowing white halter dress paired with gold belt just right at the waistline or empire-cut line creates a very elegant look that mimics Greek styles. Add some gold cuffs on arm or as a bracelet and you’ll look absolutely stunning.

5. White Paris Street Style: White Dress + Leather Jacket + Bright Color Shoes. How do dress street style in the fashion capital? It’s all about radiating a chic personality by using bold statement layers or pieces. Wear a leather jacket on top of a white dress, and some bright colored or printed shoes. Think red sneakers or orange flats for a more casual look, but you can also wear heels. And then add a small black or leather sling bag.

6. Country Chic Style. White Long Dress + Cowboy Boots + Leather Belt + Denim Jacket. Got a white loose dress that goes just right above the knee? Pair it cowboy boots, a leather belt and denim jacket. Complete with some bohemian and leather cuffs, so chic! If you want some splash of color, think of turquoise or coral earrings and bracelets.

Which purse or bag to carry with white dress?

Choose the type of bag or purse you’re going to carry and you change your whole look with a white dress. Going for a cocktail party? Wear some heels and silver or glittery purse. Summer shopping downtown? Carry a brown leather or canvas bag for a more casual freestyle look, and pair it with wedge shoes or your casual flats.

Magic of Scarves:

No one can ever have too much scarves in their collection. You can change the look of your white dress just by change the scarf you’re wearing. Scarves are great during autumn and winter and would look great on long sleeve white dresses that need some layering.