Fashion Tips for Short Height Girls to Look Taller

How to Look Taller ?

Being short doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Follow these fashion tips to add some extra inches to your height and get taller look.

1. Wear tops with V-neckline- The idea behind wearing V-neck clothes is to fake the illusion about your height because clothes with V-neck line, makes your upper body looks elongated. Whereas, round neck clothes make your appearance petite.

2. The higher the waist, the better- High-waist creates an impression of long legs, thus makes your appearance taller. Therefore, shorts, pants and skirts with high waist are good option for you.

3. Avoid over-sized clothes- Tighter clothes make your body look slim and taller. So always, wear trousers with skinny and tighter fit, which follows thighs, to give you tall & thin look. On the inverse, over-sized clothes show up your appearance as plump.

4. Make your upper body look smaller- Wearing tops with vertical stripes helps to get a slimmer look. Also make it sure that you buy Tops till waist line because long length tops make your legs appear shorter.

5. Avoid wearing Capris- Capris are well known for their comfort and style. But the issue with Capris is that they make legs look very lopsided, so rather pick shorts than Capris, which gives your appearance a taller look.

6. Wear floor length outfits/maxis- Always, choose full length outfits for yourself, because they make you look taller & slimmer. You can matchup your dress with high heel sandals to get a perfect look.

7. Follow monochromatic color scheme- A one color outfit gives a vertical image to the viewers, whereas an excess of diverse color scheme can divide the body making it show up shorter. So, a perfect decision is to choose your attire in one shade. In fact, select a darker shaded dress to get a taller look.

8. Hair style- Don’t trim your hair too small, as it makes you look fat and short. The ideal length of your hair should be till shoulder line or a bit longer.

9. Wear high heels- The simplest way to get a taller look is by adding some extra inch to your sandal heels. However, you should be care full while selecting high heels, because adding extra height in your sandals can also make you feel uncomfortable. So, always select an appropriate sandal height, which you can wear with ease.