Food Not Good For High Cholesterol

Food Not Good For High Cholesterol What foods to avoid for high cholesterol level ?

Diet is the essential key element, which plays a vital role in maintaining your cholesterol level. If you are worried about the maintenance of your cholesterol level, then here is the list of foods that you should avoid to control high cholesterol level:

1. Egg Yolk: The yolks of egg contain the highest amount of cholesterol of any food. A single yolk contains 70% cholesterol while 71% cholesterol is present in a complete egg. This high amount of cholesterol may put you in dangers of high blood pressure, heart diseases, and strokes.

2. Fatty Meals: In order to maintain your cholesterol level, you should limit the intake of fatty meals like: steaks, ribs, hot dogs, sausages, bacon, and many more. The intake of organ meat i.e. liver and kidney should also be replaced by lean beef, fish, and veal, and the use of rice, pasta, beans, and pulses should be preferred.

3. Milk Products: You are advised to limit the milk products, e.g. cheese, cream, whipped topping, non-dairy creams, and so on. To avoid high cholesterol level you should opt for low fats or fat-free products.

4. Fast Food: Fast foods contain high amount of both saturated and total fats. It is highly recommended to avoid hamburgers, fried chicken, fries, and tacos, rather you should go for sandwiches, salads with low fats, skinless chicken, and non-fried foods. You should also avoid the fast foods with chesses and mayonnaise toppings.

5. Butter: Butter is the most common ingredient present in cakes, breads, croissants, and cookies. These items are made by mixing hydrogenated fats, milk, and eggs. You should avoid these saturated fats by using low-fats baked ingredients, or simply use any spread or light toppings.

6. Macaroni and Cheese:The ingredients of macaroni and cheese are heavily loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol. Although, macaroni and cheese are the ready made available food in this busy routine, but their intake is the source of high cholesterol level.

7. Ice Cream: You will be surprised to know that a single scoop of an ice-cream contains more fats than hamburger and glazed doughnuts. It is advised to take a cup of fresh fruits instead of an ice cream, which are low in calories, rich in fibers, vitamins and other minerals which you need for a healthy cholesterol controlled routine.

8. Clarified Butter (Ghee): Although, Clarified Butter is the most common element used to prepare all the foods, but you should remember that clarified butter contains a high amount of saturated fats, which is bad for your cholesterol level. Many scientists are of the view that Clarified Butter also contains Palmitic Acid, which is the main source for artery blockage. In any case, if the use of Clarified Butter is essential, you should replace it with olive oil or low fats.

9. Pastries: You are readily attracted by the nice flaky crusts and cheese filled topping, these toppings are rich in butter and fats. It is highly recommended to avoid these pies and pastries to maintain a perfect cholesterol level. You can replace these pastries with fruit pies or by taking few bites of the crusts.

10. Pizza: No doubt Pizza has its own aroma and taste, but the topping of pizzas are loaded with cheese and meat which is not good for cholesterol level. You should avoid eating pizzas on regular basis, or stick to one slice. Rather, prepare a pizza with topping of rich fiber vegetables and less cheese, to maintain your cholesterol level.