08 Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thin Straight Hair

Layered hairstyle Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thin Straight Hair

You can be stylish with these hairstyles for women over 50 with thin straight hair. Some people still have black hair at this age, some already white or grey. No matter what’s the color, it’s not an excuse to not be stylish. Most hairstylists would advise not to go for long hairstyles for older women. The reason for this is that as we age, we start having thin hair. Long hairstyles tend to drag the hair down and may cause breakage to thin strands. Instead, go for shoulder-length styles, or short haircuts with layers that add volume and less years to the face.

Here are some modern and elegant ideas you can try if you have thin hair.

1. Pixie Hairstyle. Don’t underestimate short boyish hairstyles. The pixie cut is a trendsetter even for women with thin grey hair. The super short layers on different directions can look messy at start, but for super fine hair, it helps redefine your fine and thin strands. Pixie hairstyle actually looks elegant on grey or white hair. If you love James Bond films, take a look at Dame Judi Dench who played as M in James Bond movies. She sports her signature boyish short white hair perfectly.

Best suited face cuts for Pixie Hairstyle: Oval Shape, Round Shape, Square Shape and Heart shape.

2. Short Feathered Hairstyle. This version of pixie hairstyle has more layers for added volume at the upper part of your head. With the fine sassy layers, this can really give your hair fine texture and shape.

Best suited face cut for Short Feathered Hairstyle: Round Shape, Heart Shape and Oval Shape.

3. Classic Bob Cut. This type of cut looks great on older women with black and white hair. The two tone combine with the round bob shape creates an effect of volume. For variation, you can set the divide diagonally or on one side of your head for a side swept look.

Best suited face cut for Classic Bob Cut Hairstyle: Long Shape, Oval Shape & Heart Shape.

4. Layered Bob or Soft Shag Hairstyle. If you’re not too keen in cutting your hair too short, a layered bob can be your option. This style just flows on chin length, and the layers can add some flair and volume to thin hair. Additionally, this cut elongates the neck and defines the jaw area.

Best suited face cuts for Layered Bob or Soft Shag Hairstyle: Square Shape, Oval Shape and Heart Shaped.

angeled bob

5. Angled Bob. Think of a bob cut but with sharp angles on the side. This can be very modern and edgy, yet can be elegant at the same time. When you look at it sideways, the curve at the back of your head and the sharp angle in front adds shape to your thin hair. You can also add some wispy bangs for added style.

Best suited face cuts for Angled Bob Hairstyle: Oval Shaped, Round, Long Shaped & Square Shaped.

chop hairstyle6. Chop Hairstyle. A variation of the layered bob hairstyle, only longer as it flows just right on the neck line. Layering is the secret to adding volume on thin hair.

Best suited face cuts for Chop Hairstyle: Oval Shaped, Round Shaped, Square Shaped and Heart Shaped.

short hair7. Antique Short Hair. Some vintage hairstyles are having a comeback. Antique short hair is similar to a layered bob. The length at the back is in same line to the chin, but has some wispy side swept bangs.

Best suited face cuts for Antique Short Hairstyle: Works best on every face shape.

Layered Waves8. Layered Waves. If you want something longer, think of waves and layers. Have your straight thin shoulder length hair restyled by adding some layers on the sides. This will create waves which will add volume to your hairstyle.

Best suited face cuts for Layered Waves Hairstyle: Oval Shaped, Long Shaped and Heart Shaped