Health Benefits of Cranberries

cranberry_heart Cranberries Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

They are small, round in shape, glossy red color and sweetly tangy to the taste, Cranberries are deliciously healthy. Cook them in sauces or compotes, blend them in your juices or vodka cocktails, sweeten or dry them, there are a lot of different ways to make the most of their various health benefits.

Here are the health benefits of Cranberries:-

1. Treat urinary tracts infection- It happens that sometimes, bacterias such as E-Coli bacteria tends to latch in the urinary tract and this causes infection. And urinary infections which can be very painful, trust me! So a very easy and natural ways to remedy for that uneasiness situation is by drinking Cranberry juice! As a matter of fact, besides being a boast of vitamin C, Cranberries also contain a lot of proanthocyanidin. This fancy chemical element has a particular structure in Cranberries that attributes them the ability to prevent the bacteria to proliferate in the bladder and in the urinary tracts.

2. Militate against cancer- It has been proven that Cranberries have the power to drastically slow down the multiplication of cancer cells! Indeed, scientists have identified special mechanisms in Cranberries that have positive effects against breast cancer. So, if you want to stay far from any of these cancers, eat Cranberries.

3. Good for heart- There are two different cholesterols, good and bad one. When there is too much bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, we can observe clotting in the arteries that lowers the blood pressure and sometimes, acute cases results in stroke. Also, bad cholesterol creates plaque, thickening arteries and therefore reducing their flexibility. This usually ends up as heart attacks. Yeah, this does not sounds good…but I have good news for you! Cranberries help a lot in lowering LDL, hence protecting you from heart diseases.

4. Saves kidneys from stones- Talking about kidneys now, from time to time, especially if you do not drink enough water or if you are used to eat a lot of salty foods, you might start suffering from stones formation in kidneys. It is not good I promise. On this side also, Cranberries can be of a great aide. These red berries are known to contain citric acid which dissolve calcium and prevent substances from binding together forming stones in kidneys.

5. Helps losing weight and improves the skin- Listen up girls, this might be interest you! Full of antioxidants, Cranberries helps flushing out toxins from your body. It also boosts your metabolism and improves your digestive system enabling you to lose weight faster. Talking about the ski, you will be glad to know that acne, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions can be relieved by the consumption of Cranberries.

Now you know, Cranberries have tons of benefits for health! However, do not think that by drinking liters of Cranberries juices or by eating kilos of them at once will be healed of all diseases at once. As a matter of fact heavy intakes of Cranberries can engender diarrhea ad trigger stomach aches. So no abuses, consume moderately only.    – Divya