How to Accessorize a Backless Dress

How to wear a backless top How to style a backless dress?

A backless dress is a surefire way to make a statement without saying a word, from both the front and the back! If you have a toned, tanned and fairly clear-skinned back, then this could be the perfect style for you, however wearing a backless dress takes some caution as you want to create an elegant, yet sexy look without looking cheap. A backless dress is such a striking style, it needs very few accessories to carry it off and a simple hairdo to carry it off. Here are a few ways to wear your backless dress beautifully. 

How to wear a backless dress?

1. How much skin? Decide on how much skin to show when choosing the type of backless dress you want to wear. Keep in mind that you want to look elegant and sophisticated by showing just enough skin to tantalize the imagination. 

2. Get the right fit- Make sure the dress fits your body shape well as you don’t want to be worrying about parts of the dress gaping, especially the back! Choose a fabric that clings to your body, which will mold the dress to your body shape and prevent gaping.  Avoid anything too tight as the last thing you want is folds of skin squeezing out of the back of the dress.

3. Wear the right bra! There are different types of backless dresses, ranging from totally backless to strappy-backed styles, criss-crossed backs and cut-out backless dresses and each one needs a different bra for support. Sufficient breast support at the front of the dress is vital as sagging breasts can ruin the look of the outfit. Find the correct bra to go with your dress according to its style, and make sure no straps, clasps or diamante show beneath the dress as this can look cheap.

Expert Tip! Take your dress to an undergarment shop and ask a professionally trained assistant to help you find the correct bra for the dress.

What jewelry to match with a backless dress?

1. Simple, simple, simple! The trick to accessorizing a backless dress is to allow the dress to speak for itself. While the front of the dress might seem plain at first sight, you want to create a stir with the back view, so keep jewelry to a minimum.

2. Simple bracelet or earrings- Wear a simple bracelet or pendant earrings and avoid neck wear. If you want to wear a necklace, go for something like a thin gold chain with a small tear-drop pendant, or a set of pearls to glam up an evening dress. 

3. Color by day, metallic by night- Your jewelry should always complement your dress and not clash with it, so a good rule of thumb is to go for colors during the day and softer shades or metallic by night. Golds, silvers or bronzes work beautifully against black for the evening, while neutral colors will work with any backless dress during the day. 

What accessories to pair with a backless dress?

1. Stylish and simple- The same rule for jewelry applies to other accessories, such as handbags and belts. Always go for simple, subtle and stylish accessories that will complement the dress without taking any attention away from the design. Clutch bags work well for both day and night wear – use a solid color bag during the day and a metallic or black bag at night. 

2. Belt it- Adding a belt to a backless dress can add a touch of style or glamour, depending on the occasion. Pair a day time backless dress with a skinny tan or neutral colored belt for a day of shopping or at the beach, while a formal backless dress can be teamed with a thin silver or gold belt and matching clutch.

What hairstyle goes with a backless dress?

1. Up for more exposure- If you have long hair, wear it up so that your backless dress is in full view. Twist your hair into a sleek and chic French chignon for an elegant look or pull it up into a tousled, shaggy style for a more casual look. A high ponytail also looks great with a backless dress with the end of the ponytail leading the eye downwards towards the back. 

2. Short and sharp- If you have short hair, use water or hair gel to brush your hair back to create a stark, striking look, or sweep it over to one side for a fashionable side-parting. Lovely drop earrings work beautifully with short hair.