How to Accessorize a Burnt Orange Dress

What shoes and jewelry to wear with burnt orange dress How to style a burnt orange dress?

Burnt orange is a beautiful color to wear in both summer and winter and can be paired with a variety of accessories to create a casual look for the day or a striking look for the evening. Many people are dubious about wearing orange for fear of clashing, however if worn correctly, almost anyone can carry it off really well. The first step to wearing orange is to forget that it is orange – think of it more as an earthy neutral hue, which makes it easier to accessorize and match with shoes, bags, and jewelry. Orange has several different shades, however, burnt orange is one of the most versatile shades to work with when it comes to accessorizing.

How to wear a burnt orange dress?

Keep it simple- A burnt orange dress, or any shade of orange for that matter, makes enough of a statement on its own with its color, so keep the design and style simple. For short dresses, go for a beautiful short ‘Jackie O’ A-line style or a sleeveless, round neck design that falls just above the knee. A long dress in burnt orange can look fabulous in the right style – go for a halter neck and open back if you have an hourglass figure, or straight across style if you have a small chest and keep the frills to a minimum.

Choose your look- Pair a burnt orange dress with flat pumps for a casual daytime look, wear a colorful orange blouse with a black pants suit for a classic look for the office, or combine a burnt orange evening dress with gold accessories for a head-turning look.

What jewelry to match with a burnt orange dress?

Neutral for day-  When choosing the type of jewelry to wear with your burnt orange dress during the day, go for neutral tones to ensure there is no clashing with the dress, which can happen if chunky bright jewelry is worn. Go for soft neutral colors, such as tans, beiges, or browns, which will create a lovely, earthy look. The size of earrings and bracelets need to depend on the style of the dress – if the design is simple without any embellishments, then chunkier jewelry can be worn, however if the dress has a few details in the fabric or style, such as layers or ruffles, go for smaller, simply-designed jewelry, such as a plain gold pendant necklace, or single gold bracelet.

Warm metallics by night-  Add a touch of glamour to your dress for the evening by adding warm-toned metallic-based jewelry, such as hues of gold and bronze. Avoid silver as this can make the dress look cheap while warmer tones of metallic will create a ‘Goddess’ look.

What accessories to pair with a burnt orange dress?

Stay warm- The same rule applies to choosing shoes, bags and belts for a burnt orange dress as it does for jewelry – keep it simple, and make sure you go for neutral tones during the day and metallic for a more glamorous look in the evening. For a lovely, casual daytime look, go for a tan shopper or shoulder bag and pair with some flat beige pumps or sandals in summer. Tan boots look great with a burnt orange dress in the colder months, paired with a brown or beige leather jacket and similar-colored scarf. 

Sparkle and shine- Go for something with a sparkle or shine in the evening when choosing a bag, belt or shoes for a burnt orange dress. Whether long or short, a clutch bag works with both styles for the evening – go for something with a sheen or sparkle, such as a gold or bronze clutch bag or black bag with diamanté detailing. Strappy stilettos look great with beautifully pedicured toenails and a bit of a sparkle, so go for something in gold, bronze or neutral shades. Avoid a dark color, as this will detract the attention from the dress, which you want to avoid. 

What hairstyle goes with a burnt orange dress?

Short and slick- If you have short hair, wear it in a casual, relaxed style, by day, with a slightly ruffled and wind-swept look. For a beautiful evening look, slick back your hair off your face and wear eye-catching eye makeup to make your eyes ‘pop’.

Long and wavy- For longer hair, a ponytail works well during the day and with any style of dress, short or long. If you prefer wearing your hair down, wear it in a middle parting with natural waves or curls, for a super-relaxed look. Evenings call for an ‘updo’ – pull your hair into a stylish bun or French knot at the nape of your neck.