How to Accessorize a Coral Dress

coral-dress-turquoise-statement-necklace-neutral-pumps You can be versatile on how you accessorize a coral dress. The color is downright fancy and is a sure head-turner. It reminds people of summer freshness and vibrant moods. Each shade of coral has its own prowess. The most common shades of coral in fabrics are summertime, firecracker, and spice. For lighter shades, you have peach, coral blush and light coral. Summer coral has that bold pop of color that draws feminine playfulness. Dark firecracker coral can be a per fect cocktail dress color that just spells autumn and elegance. If you want a color that reflects sweetness, choose light coral or coral blush.

How to Wear a Coral Dress:

1. Coral dresses have their own vibrant aura that you normally don’t need to heavily accessorize. Most fashion gurus will advise you two safest options. First, go for nude or neutral accessories and makeup. Wear nude or metallic colored shoes and carry suede or neutral colored purse.

2. The other color that goes well with coral dress is turquoise. This amazing contrast of two eye popping summer colors just amazing complements each other. You can wear a statement layered turquoise necklace and voila! You’re now a Caribbean goddess.

What Color Lipstick to Wear With Coral Dress:

1. Lipstick and makeup for coral dresses can be a bit tricky. Coral shades can be bright and bold, you’ll only need light or nude colors for your makeup. If you’re going to a wedding or a formal even with a light coral dress, it’s best to use nude or light peach lipstick.

2. Glossy coral lipstick can also look sassy on coral dresses. You can also use lipstick with same shade or a degree higher than the shade of your coral dress for that added color on your face.

What Color Jewelry to Wear With Coral Dress:

1. Truth is, turquoise colored jewelry works so great with any shade of coral dress. A turquoise statement necklace really brings summer into your outfit. If you’re going for a simple but elegant look, a pair gold stud earrings or rose quartz dangle earrings will be enough.

2. For formal events like weddings, wear gold jewelry. You can wear gold earrings with floral design to match the theme, either dangle or chandelier. Same goes for rings and necklace, engraved flowers on your jewelry just makes you look like a summer garden nymph!

What Color of Accessories to Wear With Coral Dress:

Purse or clutches in the shade of brown or black are good for casual days with a coral dress. Same goes with leather bags. If you’re going to a wedding, you can match your clutch color with your shoes, for example, gold shoes with purse in solid gold color, or a gold embellished clutched. Black purse or back also looks good on light colored coral dress that’s paired with light gray wedge or black heel shoes.

What Color Shoes to Wear With Coral Dress:

1. For the casual look, wear leather sandals with your coral dress. Light pink or light coral flats can also match either darker or lighter shades of coral dress. If you are in any doubt which shoes you should wear, choose ones with suede tone, either strappy heels or high heeled closed pumps. Any shade of coral dress plus the light suede or flesh color tone on your feet works in almost any occasion, wedding, cocktails or even on casual outdoors, or even in the red carpet!

2. Gold shoes also work well with coral dresses, especially for weddings or formal dinner parties. It’s good to match gold shoes with a simple gold clutch. For formal office attire with a coral dress, you can also use black heels.

3. For an added pop of color into your outfit, wear shoes with solid colors of light turquoise for that complementary look. Choose high heeled pumps or shoes with ankle straps. If you’re bold enough, you can also wear royal blue kitty heels.