How to Accessorize a Floral Print Dress

What shoes and jewelry to wear with floral dress How to style a floral print dress?

Floral prints return to the catwalks every spring and summer when the sun starts shining and fashion becomes bright and cheerful again. Floral print dresses, skirts, shirts, and tees are loved by women the world over, as colorful, ‘happy’ patterns of flowers are seen to be feminine and ladylike. There are myriad types of floral prints from large distinctive flowers in bold colors to wispy, ‘Monet-style’ prints awash with color. Be sure to choose a print that you will love wearing and one that will make you feel summery and gorgeous. 

How to wear a floral print dress?

1. The key factor when thinking about wearing floral is to avoid overdoing it. Choose one single floral print and work with that. Choose accessories and shoes that complement the hues in the floral print and keep the florals to the dress only – accessorizing with decorative accessories will be far too much floral create a clashing look.

2. Floral print dresses can be worn in any style at any time of the day, with the type and style of the dress dependent on the occasion. Short summery dresses can be sleeveless or round-necked with a full floral print or half-and-half (the lower half of the dress is floral and vice versa).

3. Floral prints also look fabulous on long maxi dresses, with full flowing skirts and short sleeves. Take care of the fact that there is a lot of fabric when it comes to a maxi dress, so make sure you accessorize here with neutral or solid color shoes, bag and jewelry to minimize a clash.

What jewelry to match with a floral print dress?

1. The type, style and color of jewelry that should be paired with floral prints depend entirely on the occasion, but it is crucial to remember not to overdo it. The floral print itself is eye-catching enough that you don’t need bright, bold jewelry as well. Make the dress your focal point and pair it with simple, feminine pieces that will complement the style and tone of the dress.

2. Keep jewelry simple and make sure the style and colors are subdued. Classy and stylish pieces such as thin gold or silver neck chains with a small pendant would work, and small drop earrings. If you want to go for some color, find a color in the floral print dress that suits you and choose a little pair of earrings to match, such as red ruby studs or green pendants. The same would work for a pendant necklace – but remember to keep the pendant small.

Expert tip! For a dress with a full floral print, go for earrings and a bracelet or a necklace and nothing else. Too much jewelry against such a busy print can be too much.

What accessories to pair with a floral print dress?

1. Accessorizing a floral print dress can be such fun as there are a number of items you can add to create a lovely spring/summer look. Hats are great – not only do they finish off an outfit, but protect your hair and face from the harmful rays of the sun too! Wear a straw hat for a relaxed, island-style look and pair it with a straw bag – big enough for the beach or a day of shopping. Floppy leather bags also work well with floral prints due to their natural shades, while smaller clutch bags work well for the evening and more formal occasions.

2. If you are wearing a floral print dress out in the evening, choose a clutch bag in a solid color that complements one of the colors in the print, such as black or dark purple.

What color shoes to pair with a floral print dress?

1.  Again, with a floral print dress, it is important to make sure the dress is the focal point of the outfit and not to overdo it by choosing a pair of shoes that are too loud or clash with the dress. Short floral print dresses tend to work with either heels, pumps or flats, while maxi dresses work beautifully with a simple sandal or pump.

2. Color-wise, go for something neutral or solid, in a color that can be found in the print itself. If you are wearing a floral print with warm colors, go for a warm-colored shoe, such as beige, tan or brick red. Likewise with cooler colors – match them with a cool-hued shoe.

Expert tip! DON’T ever wear floral print pumps with a floral print dress. Way too much floral!