How to Accessorize a Maroon Color Dress

What color shoes and accessories to match with maroon, burgundy or winr color dress How to style a maroon/burgundy/wine color dress?

Commonly seen as a lighter shade of purple, maroon is a beautiful color to wear throughout the year and in all seasons. While purple tends to be associated with luxury, elegance, and royalty, maroon has a softer, more feminine appeal and no matter what style or shade, can give the wearer a stylish and classy look at any time of the day or night. The color maroon can come in a variety of shades, from the darker hues of dark hues of deep maroon, which lean slightly towards being purple to the lighter shades of maroon, which can have a pinkish hue. Maroon is a color that can be worn by anyone, so simply decide on what shade is best for you according to your skin tone, hair color and eye color and go with it.

How to wear a maroon dress?

Versatile and subtle, maroon can be worn for almost any occasion from the office to special occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties or to a nightclub. Maroon can be worn to the office, but as with any office attire, the style of the dress or outfit needs to be slightly more conservative and accessorized in the correct and appropriate way.

  • Darker shades are better for office wear as they create a more sophisticated and professional look. When it comes to choosing your outfit for the office, select a style that is straightforward and neat, such as an above-the-knee style dress with short sleeves or a sleeveless, V-neck or round neck dress. These dress style can be glammed up for the evening or office functions with a bright scarf or necklace if required, and are perfectly paired with a short, tailored jacket for meetings. A short cardigan can be thrown over the shoulders in slightly cooler weather or for a more casual look.
  • For special occasions, a sexier style can be worn – think a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress for a party or a long, V-neck dress for weddings. Broad shoulders are best shown off in strapless styles while ample cleavage needs a halter neck or V-neck style to compliment the body shape.

What jewelry to match with a maroon dress?

The style of your maroon dress, as well as the occasion to which you are wearing the dress,  will dictate the type of jewelry you choose.

  • For informal occasions, you can pretty much choose any kind of jewelry you like, in both light and dark shades. Strapless dresses can get away with a pair of drop or chandelier earrings, chunky bracelets and statement necklaces, while halter neck dresses would look best with smaller drop earrings,  bracelets and no necklace – the neckline of the dress is enough on its own.
  • For formal occasions, such as anniversaries or weddings, jewelry should be subtle and soft – not loud and gauche. Choose something that sparkles in the light, such as a simple tennis bracelet and earrings in plain silver or gold – both these colors work well with maroon. Avoid color stones or anything too flashy – if you have to choose colored stones, amethyst will work best with maroon.

Expert tip! A sophisticated dress style needs simple jewelry, and a simple dress style can be paired with detailed or bolder jewelry.

What accessories to pair with a maroon dress?

Bags, shoes, and other accessories depend on the occasion, the time of day and of course, your mood! A maroon dress can be accessorized with any type of bag, from chunky shoppers for a day out with friends to a slim, gorgeous clutch bag for a party or a wedding.

Expert tip! If you are heading out on the town or going to a wedding, you will need to take a small makeup bag for touching up so be sure to choose a bag that fits everything in it – there is nothing worse than a bag that looks stuffed and too small for its contents.

What color shoes to pair with a maroon dress?

Maroon is a warm, solid color and can be paired with a variety of shoes in different styles and colors. Once again, as with accessories, choosing the type and style of shoe for your maroon dress is going to depend on the occasion you are attending and what time of day you are wearing the maroon dress.

  • For a casual day look, pair your maroon dress with strappy sandals or flats in any color.
  • Add a touch of glamor with something that sparkles for special occasions like weddings and parties.