How to Accessorize a Navy Blue Dress

What shoes and jewelry to wear with navy blue dress How to style a navy blue dress?

Navy blue is a classic and extremely versatile color and looks good on everyone. Whether you are wearing a long or short navy blue dress, the dark color is slimming and worn in the correct way with the right jewelry, shoes and accessories can be extremely flattering on any body shape. Navy blue has long been associated with class and paired with beautiful silk scarves, pashminas or stoles during winter create a stunning look. Navy has always worked in summer too, best known for its stylish, nautical feel and paired with a stripy scarf or jacket and flat pumps will turn heads wherever you go. 

How to wear a navy blue dress?

Navy blue is a wonderfully versatile color and can be worn for almost any occasion. Whether you want to wear the navy blue dress to the office or to a wedding, the right style can work for either occasion.

1. For the office, go for an above-the-knee style with cut off sleeves or short cap sleeves and pair the dress with a jacket to cover your shoulders for a professional look. Add a navy and white scarf, and a pair of black or mauve pumps and the look is complete.

2. For a day of shopping or lunch with friends, you could wear the same dress as above, just without the jacket and add a brighter scarf and shoe. Another great day time style is a short, shoestring dress with an open back to expose your shoulders on a hot summery day, or a straight across dress without any sleeves, which will look fantastic with a chunky necklace and shimmering sandals.

3. For a night out on the town or a special party, you can again use the same straight across navy dress (‘like your little black number’) and accessorize with chunky metallic jewelry and metallic heels. If the evening is chilly, throw a shimmering pashmina over your shoulders to complete the look

What jewelry to match with a navy blue dress?

The type, style and color of jewelry depend entirely on the style of the navy blue dress you are wearing and the occasion to which are wearing it. Navy blue is such a versatile color that almost any type of jewelry goes beautifully with the dress, as well as most shades and styles.

1. For formal occasions, keep jewelry to a minimum and make sure the style and colors are subdued. A think gold or silver neck chain or tennis bracelet would work well, with small pendant drop earrings – in diamonds if you have them!

2. For informal occasions, you can be slightly bolder and braver with your color choices and go for chunkier jewelry and brighter colors. Funky beaded bracelets in bright orange or yellow add a summery touch to a navy blue dress while metallic colors such as golds and bronzes also work well for a casual look.

Expert tip! Never pair a chunky necklace with big earring and a bracelet – this would be far too much on the eye – pick one and go with that.

What accessories to pair with a navy blue dress?

1. Accessories are such a personal choice when it comes to fashion that just about anything goes if it is a reflection of your personality. Accessories can range from slim clutch bags to chunky day shoppers or floppy backpack type bags, or a hand-carried wallet or small purse. The kind of accessory used with a navy dress would depend on the occasion and whether it is a formal or casual affair.

2. For formal occasions, go for something understated such a small clutch bag in a neutral shade such as champagne or pale gold while an occasional event can bring out the large day bags and floppy beach hats. Color-wise, brighter hues can be used for a casual day look while subtle, slightly more glamorous colors like silver, gold or bronze are best for the evening.

Expert tip! Pair your shoes and bag in the same color or as close to each other as possible for stylish, altogether look. 

What color shoes to pair with a navy blue dress?

1. A navy blue dress is incredibly easy to accessorize and the type of shoes you would wear all depends on the style of your dress and how adventurous you are when it comes to fashion. Any style of shoe can be worn with a navy blue dress, with simple flip-flops, sandals or pumps for a day at the beach or shopping to knee-high boots for those chilly winter days or super chic high heels for a night out on the town.

2. For formal wear, it is best to accessorize your navy blue dress with a neutrally colored shoe, such as nude hues, champagne or pale gold, or a soft mauve. Wearing neutral shoes doesn’t mean you have to skip the latest trends and you can add a flash of color or sparkle in your jewelry, but keep the shoes subdued. The combination of silver and navy blue is a classic color combo; however be careful not to overdo the silver in your shoe and keep the style of shoes to stilettos or sandals if you are going to wear silver. 

3. For trendier options, try mixing a variety of different shades of blue, such as a lighter shade of blue in your shoe as your dress is a dark navy. This creates a quirky contrast that can look right on trend.