How to Accessorize a Pink Dress

How to accessorize a pink dress What color shoes and jewelry to wear with Pink dress?

Pink is a color that makes a statement on its own, especially if it’s hot pink, so glamming it up with funky or trendy accessories will depend entirely on your mood as just about everything works with hot pink. You can choose to go for a conservative look with neutral or naturally shaded accessories, or you can really turn heads with bright and bold jewelry, shoes, and a stylish bag. Pale pink is a different story, but that’s usually kept for formal occasions, such as weddings, where you would normally accessories with softer, more subtle accessories and shoes.

How to wear a Pink dress?

1. Pink is a bold color so there are a few tips to wearing pink well, without looking overdone. Whatever the shade of pink, whether it is bright fuchsia pink or pale sateen, let the color do the talking and keep accessories to a minimum. You want eyes to be drawn to the dress and not to be distracted by too many accessories.

2. For a subtle look, team up the dress with a pashmina of neutral shade or a pale pink to complement the dress, with a cream shoe and handbag, or if you want to be bold, wear a black leather jacket, black pointy heels and a chic black clutch a super-cool, trendy look.

What color jewelry to match with a pink dress?

1. For a sleek, trendy look, hot pink’s vividness works brilliantly with darker colors, such as black, deep grey and navy blue, while metallic colors such as gold, silver and bronze will glam up a hot pink dress instantly. Dangly gold earrings and a solid gold bracelet against the hot pink of the dress will create a perfect look for a glamorous party or special dinner. For a night out on the town or rock concert, team the hot pink dress with darker shades or blacks, blues and grays – black earrings and an arm cuff will give the outfit a glam-rock look.

2. For a bold summer look, wear a chunky turquoise necklace with a strapless pink dress or shift dress, while a simple gold pendant with small turquoise stone and matching bracelet works well for a formal occasion. Pearls can instantly dress an outfit up for a particular occasion – wear pale pearls with a hot pink dress, while darker pearls (if you are lucky enough to have them) work well with a light pink or baby pink dress.

What color accessories goes with pink dress?

A beautiful handbag can make or break an outfit and with pink, anything goes. Because pink is such a bold, superior color, keep the dress as the focal point and accessorize with colors that will complement the dress but not draw the eye away from it. A stylish clutch bag is ideal for any occasion and the color depends on the event – carry a simple clutch in a neutral block color that goes well with your jewelry, so if you are wearing gold jewelry, go for a bag with similar hues. For a rock-glam look, grab a studded black clutch that will doll the dress up and go perfectly with black and silver earrings. 

What color shoes to pair with a pink dress?

Choosing the right shoes for a dress, whether it is hot pink or pale pink is important and some caution is required. Shoes that are too bright can make the outfit look cheap and clownish and matching shoes are a big no-no!

1. Dark Neutrals- Traditionally, black has always paired well with pink, with navy blue making a strong appearance with fashionistas these days. Bright pink hues work extremely well with black while softer shades of pink work better with navy blue. Team a hot pink strapless dress with black pumps and matching clutch for dinner, or carry off a light pink day dress with navy blue ballet flats for shopping or lunch.

2. Neutrals and Nudes- Any shade of pink works with a nude-colored shoe as they allow the dress to take center stage. From strappy stilettos to flat ballet pumps, a neutral show works with just about any outfit. Be sure to choose the correct shade of nude to suit your skin tone though – they range from ivory to caramel. Pair with metallic-toned jewelry for a fabulous day or night look.

3. Shimmering Metallic- Metallic add a touch of glam to any dress, from gunmetal gray to gold, silver or bronze, depending on the shade of the dress. Team a gorgeous wrap dress with metallic wedges for a day of shopping or lunch with the girls, or go for a bronze stiletto with your hot pink tube dress for a Saturday night out.  Add a bronze clutch and chunky gold bracelets to complete the look.