How to Accessorize a Purple Dress

How to accessorize a purple dress What color shoes and jewelry to wear with purple dress?

Purple is a color that has long been associated with luxury, elegance and royalty and a beautiful purple dress, no matter what style or shade, can give the wearer a stylish and classy look and make a statement without saying a word. The color purple comes in many shades, from dark hues of deep purple such as eggplant and grape to lighter shades of purple like lavender lilac, and amethyst, so generally there is a shade of purple for everyone – you just need to decide on what hue suits your skin tone, hair and eye color the best.

How to wear a purple dress?

Purple is a wonderfully versatile color and can be worn for almost any occasion from the office to a night out on the town with the girls. Purple can definitely be worn to the office, but needs to be worn in a slightly more conservative way.

  • Go for an above-the-knee style dress with short sleeves or a stylish sleeveless, V-neck or round neck dress in a dark shade of purple. Darker shades would work better for the office as they tend to create a more refined and professional look. Pair the dress with a dark colored jacket or a neat little cardigan to cover your shoulders and add a brightly colored scarf for a lighter touch of color.
  • A sexy purple dress works just as well as a little black dress when it comes to evening and party wear and tend to look amazing in all styles, lengths and cuts. If you have broad shoulders, go for a strapless or off-the-shoulder style, if you have fantastic legs, pick a short dress to show them off.
  • A long purple dress can also look beautiful, depending on the style, but always add a dash of color in your shoes or accessories to avoid the risk of looking drab.

What color jewelry to match with a purple dress?

The type of jewelry you choose will depend entirely on the style of your purple dress you are wearing and the occasion to which are wearing it.

  • For more formal occasions, such as weddings, go for jewelry that is more subtle, such as a simple bracelet and earrings or plain gold or silver chain around your neck or wrist. Both gold and silver work well with purple, but keep colored stones to a minimum and stick with diamonds or other neutral colored stones.
  • For informal occasions, you can go wild with your jewelry as anything will stand out against the purple, whether it is a light or dark shade.  Pair a simple purple dress with large earrings and a chunky bracelet in a bold color, or try a long chain with a pendant or charm on the end that catches the eye.

Expert tip! A sophisticated dress style needs simple jewelry, and a simple dress style can be paired with detailed or bolder jewelry.

What color accessories goes with a purple dress?

A purple dress can be accessorized with any type of bag, from slim clutch bags to chunky day shoppers, depending on the occasion, the time of day and of course, your personality!

  • Go for a chunky bag during the day like an oversized shopper and try something smaller at night like a clutch or a sparkly purse.
  • For more formal occasions, choose something understated, like a small clutch bag in a pale champagne or gold hue, and for informal occasions like shopping or the beach, grab a straw basket or floppy shopper.

What color shoes to pair with a purple dress?

Purple is a solid block color and can be paired with a variety of shoes in different styles and colors. Again, it depends on the occasion you are attending and what time of day you are wearing the purple dress.

  • If you are going for an informal day look, pair your purple dress with lovely flats or sandals in any color – avoid wearing matching shoes though.
  • If you are off to a wedding or a special occasion, add a touch of glamor with something that sparkles, such as a diamante encrusted sandal or svelte high heel in a dark color such as black.
  • Dark purple dresses require dark-hued shoes and vice versa – lavender and lilacs need a lighter colored shoe.

Expert tip! NEVER wear the same color shoe as your dress – if you have to wear the same color, rather go for something in a lighter or darker shade according to your dress.