How to Accessorize a Wrap Dress

What shoes and jewelry to wear with wrap dress How to style a wrap dress?

The wrap dress was introduced by Diane von Furstenberg in 1972 and changed the way women thought about their bodies. Named after its ‘wrap’ style, the wrap dress comes together in the front with two sections that then wrap around the body and are held together by knotting or buttons at the back of the dress. This wrapping style gives the dress a beautiful V-shaped neckline, accentuating the curve of the body and creating an appealing and very flattering look.

How to wear a wrap dress?

The wrap dress is perfect for any occasion, from the office to a party and can be worn year-round and in every season. The style of the dress doesn’t change, however the look can change with a simple tweak of your accessories, from a casual daytime to glamorous evening wear.

1.  For the office: A wrap dress can be worn to the office in monochromatic colors, such as black or white, to maintain a conservative look and if you are not comfortable with the plunging V-neck line for the office, wear a tank top beneath the dress for a professional look.

2.  For the evening: A wrap dress can be spruced up for a party by choosing one with a bold print or color. If you want to look taller and leaner, choose a print or design that has vertical lines, which creates an illusion of height.

Expert tip! Stay away from bold or big flower prints, as well as horizontal lines if you have a slightly larger form, as these tend to make you look larger.

What jewelry to match with a wrap dress?

3.  The wrap dress can be combined with any type of jewelry, depending on the occasion and time of day. For the office, go for slightly more conservative jewelry, such as small stud earrings or pendants, a classic tennis bracelet or neck chain. For the evening, the dress can be glamorized by adding longer dangly earrings with a sparkle, chunky bracelets or bangles and a sparkly chain.

Expert tip! Always accessorize according to the occasion… flashy gold drop earrings would not be suitable for church, but would definitely work in a nightclub!

What accessories to pair with a wrap dress?

4.  Again, the type of accessories accompanying a wrap dress would depend on the occasion. For the office, go for a structured handbag, such as a classic tote bag or Jackie O bag in a single color. If you are wearing a sold block color dress in a dark color, such as navy or black, add a touch of color with your handbag – go for something bright such as red or orange to make a statement. For an evening out on the town, handbags can be smaller and easier to manage, such as a stylish clutch bag or shoulder bag, with a touch of glamor, such as diamante or gold detailing.

5.  Belts give a trendy edge to the wrap dress, and give the waistline a welcome cinch! Wider belts are a better choice for the dress, as they balance out the V-neckline and length of the dress perfectly.

Expert tip! Your handbag should either match your dress or your shoes – never both! A good idea is to wear a solid block color in your dress and keep your shoes and handbag similar shades. For example, a navy blue dress with cream shoes and handbag.

What shoes to pair with a wrap dress?

6. All shoes go well with the wrap dress, from sparkly high heels for a night out or flat pumps for a day of shopping. Wedge heels create a beautiful look for both day and night, while boots can be worn with the dress in winter. Head to the beach in a wrap dress combined with some sandals, and choose a closed, low heel for the office.

Expert tip! Remember when choosing your shoes, to think of the color – try to match your shoes with your bag, rather than your dress.