How to Accessorize One Shoulder Dress

What jewelry to wear with one shoulder dress How to style one shoulder dress?

Ideal for both day and night wear, one shoulder dresses are a beautiful style to show off your body shape and shoulders. Dressed up or down, a one shoulder dress can create a sophisticated, sexy and dramatic look, and one that will certainly draw attention, no matter how you accessorize it. One shoulder dresses create an elegantly sensual look that exposes parts of your body in an evocative way without going overboard and showing too much. Whether you go for a long or short dress, one shoulder dresses can work in all seasons and in all colors.

How to wear one shoulder dress?

1. Make sure it suits your body shape- One shoulder dresses have an exquisite neckline, however, they might not suit your body type. Try the style on before you purchase the dress and make sure it fits and suits your body type.

2.  No layering! One shoulder dresses are beautiful by themselves and make a statement without needed any extras, so don’t layer anything over the dress- let it speak for itself. A shawl or pashmina works for cooler evenings, but once inside, wear the dress alone.

3.  Block Colors- Don’t be tempted to mix and match colors when it comes to a one shoulder dress. The style of the dress calls for a solid color to enhance its magnificent form, so wear solid colors without any patterns or shapes on the fabric.

4.  Belt it! Improve your body shape even further by adding a belt to the one shoulder dress to accentuate your waistline. The exposure of your shoulder and cinched-in waist creates a super-sexy, yet elegant look that will turn heads wherever you go.

What jewelry to match with one shoulder dress?

1. No Neck-wear! Choosing jewelry for a one shoulder dress is easy – the rule of thumb is to go simple. Absolutely no necklaces whatsoever as the neckline of the dress is a cutting-edge and fashionable statement in its own right, and a necklace will only work to counteract that look. Wear a simple bracelet, earrings or a ring that complements the dress, both in color, and style.

2. Simple Bracelet or Earrings- When it comes to other accessories, such as bracelets, earrings or rings, always go for something simple, again to avoid detracting attention away from the style of the dress itself. Wear a single bracelet or metal cuff to make a statement, with small pendant earrings or a subtle ring.

3. Metallics by night, color by day- Make sure your jewelry always complements the dress and this can be done by wearing the right colors by day and night. Day wear calls for solid black colors of bracelets such as black or tan while evenings call for something more formal and metallic always work – gold, silver or bronze. Create a striking ‘Greek Goddess’ look by pairing a hot pink or turquoise one shoulder dress with a bronze or gold arm cuff and drop earrings.

What accessorize to pair with one shoulder dress?

Simple and Subtle- Accessories needs to be simple and subtle, as with the jewelry, to avoid taking any attention away from the style of the dress. If you are carrying a handbag, go for a stylishly simple clutch in a solid color that complements the dress. For day wear, a tan or neutral color works well with any color dress and for evenings, go for metallic golds, bronzes or silver to add a touch of glamour.

What hairstyle goes with one shoulder dress?

1. Formalize with an ‘up-do’- Formal occasions and evening wear call for an ‘updo’ for an ultra-elegant and stylish look. Sweep your hair into a beautiful chignon or low bun at the nape of your neck for a glamorous look, or pull the bun to the side of your head (on the same side as the shoulder strap) for a slightly different take on the regular ballet bun.

2. Down for day-wear- For a casual, yet sexy look during the day, blow-dry your hair into a sleek curtain and sweep it around your face to the same side as the shoulder strap of the dress. You hair should fall beautifully over the shoulder and the strap of the dress, leaving the other shoulder exposed to create a stir! Slide a small clip in the nape of your neck to keep your hair in this position throughout the day.