How to do Cute Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup-Ideas-For-Brown-Eyes How to put good eye makeup for brown eyes?

While brown eyes might be more common than other colors of eyes, they are far from boring and there are many ways to accentuate those beautiful brown eyes to look amazing.  Brown eyes come in an array of shades, from light, golden beige to a deep, mysterious brown and using different make up techniques and shading tips and tricks according to your coloring to make those eyes stand out and pop! “Here’s the method how to do cute eye make up for brown eyes”:

1. Apply Primer- While this step is not always necessary, it is a good idea to add it to your make up routine as a good primer works very well at keeping your eye shadow in place for longer, particularly if you are planning on using a powder eye shadow.

2. Apply a Base Coat of Color- The next step is to apply a base coat of color and there are a number of colors you can use to accentuate your brown eyes. Some colors you can try for maximum exposure and accentuation are pinks, purples, maroon, light brown, deep blue or deep green. Once you have picked the color you are going to use, apply the color all over the upper lid of your eye with a medium size brush. Make sure the bristles of the brush are quite fluffy to ensure the eye shadow is applied evenly and stop applying the base color at the crease line of your eye.

Expert tip! Shimmery or colors with a soft sparkle also work well as a base color coat, such as champagne, taupe, shimmery nude or cream/off-white.

3. Choosing a Crease Color- The best color to use on brown eyes is actually brown eye shadow. Brown eye shadow comes in a variety of shades, from matte brown to other dark brown shades such as cocoa. A dark warm brown color will blend perfectly with the lighter base color to create a natural looking shade.

4. Applying the Crease Color- When applying eye shadow to brown eyes, the crease color is very important as this adds depth, dimension and a touch of drama to your look. No matter what your base color is, your crease color will always be a shade of brown and this will automatically blend it with the base color. The best way to apply the crease color is with a crease brush, which will slot perfectly into the crease in your skin above the eyelid. Add some brown eye shadow to the crease brush and apply the color using a windshield wiper motion, starting at the end side of the crease and working the color in with smooth back and forth movements.

5. Use a Blender Brush- The best way to apply the crease color is with a blender brush, which has slanted bristles and makes the application of eye shadow into the crease of the eye much easier. The slanted shape of the bristle blends the base and crease color to form a natural look.

6. Add the Highlight Color- The next step when applying eye shadow to your eyes is to add the highlighting color, which helps to pull the look together, add a sense of depth and make your eyes stand out. The highlight color is usually a lighter color than the crease color with a slight shimmer, such as a light pink, champagne, or shimmery white and should be applied with a small pointed brush. The highlight color should be applied to the brow bone above the eye shadow and into the corner of your eye.

Expert Tip! When applying the highlight color, make sure not to apply the color too thickly as this give you a clownish look. The highlight color serves merely to make the eyes stand out and the color should be applied with a very light touch.

7. Add Some Eyeliner– To complete your look and really make those eyes pop, add some eyeliner. It is best to use a black eyeliner with brown eyes, so apply a black coal eyeliner to the top eyelid right above the water line of your eye. Apply a very thin line to begin with and thicken it as desired. Use a lighter color on the bottom lid, such as a beige-purple eyeliner color as this will really give your eyes a special sparkle!