How to Apply Foundation on Face: A Step by Step Tutorial

Expert tips to apply foundation like a professional

You have seen celebrities walking on red carpet with lustrous skin and beautiful looks. In reality, it is their makeup artists who should be given credit for this mesmerising appearance. We can’t be an expert like makeup artist but yes we can also do much better if know the basics of makeup. One of them is applying foundation perfectly. Foundation is a magical product, which can give you a flawless appearance along with hiding your blemishes, acne spots and under eye dark circles. So let’s find out the step by step procedure to apply foundation perfectly.

Step 1: How to choose a perfect foundation type and color

Weather you choose a liquid foundation or a powder form, make sure that you always matches it with your skin type. Below are some expert tips that will help you to choose a perfect foundation type for you:

  • Liquid foundation: Liquid foundation is easy to apply and gives you a glowing effect. There are two different types of liquid foundation available in the market, one for oily skin and other for dry skin. Buy one as per your skin type.

Normal skin – All types of foundation work best on this skin type.

Oily Skin – Buy oil free with long lasting effect.

Dry Skin – Go for moisturizing foundation.

  • Selecting a powder foundation: Powder foundation has a long lasting effect and is also good for added sun protection. It gives you a natural matte finish and blends easily with skin color.
  • Selecting the best color: Never buy a foundation without matching it with your skin tone. To choose a right color, simply apply multiple shades of foundation over your jaw line and buy one that goes with your skin tone without much blending.

Step 2: How to use your tools

Everyone has different a way of applying foundation. Let’s learn which method works best for you:

  • Sponges: Cosmetic sponge is famous for its velvet texture and super fine finish. Simply dip it in fresh water and squeeze. Now pour some liquid foundation over it and apply evenly on your face. This method gives you a lighter shade without much wastage.
  • Brushes: Use foundation brush for extra coverage and more even application. Simply dab some foundation on your skin using the tip of a brush. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Remove excess foundation using some clean cloth.

Step 3: Prepare your skin

  • Before you start it’s always recommended to clean and prepare your skin first because foundation moves smoothly on a cleaner surface. Cleaning will also remove any residue of old makeup left on your skin.
  • Simply wash you face with some good face cleaner and apply moisturiser thereafter. Massage your face for 5 minutes to let the moisturiser settle down on your skin.
  • Foundation primer also creates a smooth surface on your skin. But you can skip this step until you want your foundation to last longer. Choose oil free foundation primer if you have oily skin and moisturising foundation for dry skin.

Step 4: Apply concealer & foundation

  • You always want to hide your under eye dark circles and acne scars before you apply foundation. Simply, dab some concealer on effected area and blend it well with a flat brush.
  • Now it’s time for foundation, start from the center of your face and slowly move towards cheek and neck area. Blend it well using soft flat brush or a sponge. There should not be any visible lines or patches on your face after blending; otherwise your face will look fake and chubby.
  • If some more touchup is required on acne spots or under eye area, then dab some extra foundation on them and blend it so well that they get mixed up with your skin tone.

Step 5: Remove extra foundation

  • If you think you have overdone with your foundation, simply put some powder or moisturizer on your face and blend it well with sponge or a flat brush. Another way is to clean it with some soft cloth or tissue paper.

Some useful tips to keep in mind

  • Always clean your makeup tools after using them. Not doing so, can transfer bacteria to your face skin, and can cause acne or skin irritation.
  • Apply your eyeliner and mascara in the end, when you are done with your foundation and blush.
  • Make sure to remove your makeup ever day before going to bed to get a smooth base for next day. Simply dab some makeup remover on face using clean cotton ball and clean it gently. For water based makeup, use your regular cleaner and for oil based makeup, use makeup remover meant for this purpose.
  • Never invest too much in expensive brushes, instead buy only 2-3 good brushes that can fulfil the purpose.
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