How to Apply Mascara to Your Lower Eye Lashes

Apply mascara to lower eye lashes How to apply mascara on bottom eye lashes

There is nothing more beautiful than thick, luscious eyelashes, and many of us look at the pages of glossy magazines and dream about having lashes like the supermodels do. However, any of those models weren’t born with those gorgeous lashes – they just know how to apply mascara in the right way to make their eyes look amazing and you can too! While applying mascara to the upper lashes is fairly simple, giving your lower lashes a good lick of color is trickier and even though there aren’t as many lashes on the lower lids, mascara must be applied carefully otherwise it can go horribly wrong.

1. Choose the correct mascara- The type of mascara you use on your lower lashes is important if you want to avoid clumping and smudging. Applying too much mascara to the lower lashes can cause clumping, which makes the lashes look lumpy and sticky. Another outcome of applying too much mascara on the lower lashes is that it can create a ‘scary spider’ look – always make sure there is more mascara on the upper lashes than the lower lashes to avoid this look.

Expert tip! Remove any excess mascara on the brush by swiping it on a tissue before applying to the lashes to avoid clumping.

2. Go waterproof- A good idea is to use waterproof mascara on your lower lashes as it doesn’t tend to smudge like normal mascara does. Waterproof mascara does tend to dry out more quickly than normal mascara, so be sure to change your mascara after three months. If you prefer to stick with your favorite non-waterproof brand, dust a bit of translucent powder under the lower lashes before applying the mascara to prevent the mascara from smudging.

3. Bend the brush- Bending the tip of your mascara brush will make it easier to manoeuvre. As you take the wand out of the mascara tube, bend the tip of the brush against the rim of the tube so that it bends perpendicularly (at a right angle) to the handle. This new shape will make it much easier to apply mascara to hard-to-reach places like the inner corner of your eye and along the lower lashes.

4. Pinch and squeeze- No matter what type or brand of mascara you use, clumping tends to happen anyway and the best way to get rid of these clumps is to ‘pinch and squeeze’. Simply place two fingers over the clump of mascara and ‘pinch’ together. This will flatten the clump out and make it disappear. Make sure to clean the mascara off your fingers before continuing with your make up application so as to avoid smudging elsewhere on your face.

Expert tip! Another good tip to avoid clumping is to soak your mascara tube in a cup of hot water before applying to make the formula more liquid-y. Leave for a few minutes, then apply and you will find the mascara is now thinner and much easier to apply, gliding on smoothly and not leaving any clumps.

5. Half a coat- Don’t cover your lower lashes completely from root to tip with mascara. Use a mini fan-shaped brush and apply mascara onto the lower lashes stopping just short of the ends so that they don’t look too long. A good trick is to press the mascara wand gently onto the base of the lashes instead of actually sweeping the wand along the lashes as this will give the desired effect.

6. Go vertical for a natural look- The way you hold the brush when applying your mascara can make a huge difference to the overall look you achieve with your lashes. Holding the brush horizontally and applying with upwards and downwards sweep creates thick, voluminous lashes. Holding the brush vertically and sweeping the mascara from side to side will give you lovely long lashes with a more natural look.

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