How to Curl Your Long Hair Using Hot Roller

How to Curl Your Long Hair Using Hot Roller Curling tips for long hair

While hot rollers might be an age-old way of curling your hair, using them creates a beautiful effect of soft, voluminous curls that fall gently around your face. They tend to form larger, more luxurious curls than a curling iron, which produces tight, ring-like curls. However, using hot rollers on long hair is not always the easiest task, so here are a few tips on how to use hot rollers on those longer locks.

1. Choose your rollers- Rollers come in different sizes, which create different types of beautiful curls, depending on the size and width of the roller. Choose your roller size according to what type of curl you want in your hair –small and sexy or large and luxurious.

2. Add some heat- Your hair rollers need to heat up before you are able to use them, so once you have chosen the correct size, plug them in, and wait for them to heat up.

3. Prepare your hair- Before using the rollers to get incredible curls, you need to prep your hair for the heat. Curls hold far better with unwashed hair, but if you have to wash it, use a minimal amount of conditioner so it is not too soft.

  • Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry – curls won’t hold if your hair is slightly damp.
  • Use a styling a product on your hair to help hold the curls. If you want to keep tight, defined curls in place for a while, use a stronger product like gel, otherwise a light mousse works perfectly at keeping keeping lovely loose curls in check.
  • Lastly, brush your hair through with a wide-toothed comb to remove any knots and tangles.

4. Create manageable sections- Dividing your hair into sections makes it far easier to manage and curl your hair. So divide your hair into two sections – the top half of your head and the bottom half, and clip them back with hair clips.

5. And roll… Now it’s time to add the rollers. Once your rollers are hot enough (there is usually a small light that goes off to indicate the rollers are ready), start with the top section of your hair. Take a strand of hair – remember, the less hair around the roller, the better the curl – and place the roller about 1.5 inches or 4 centimetres from the end of the lock of hair. Now roll the roller towards your scalp, while wrapping the hair tightly around the roller as you go until you reach your scalp. Insert the roller pin to keep the roller in place and repeat this process with all your hair until it is all rolled up.

 Expert tip! For super-spiral curls, twist the strands of hair before you place them on the roller!

6. Cool down, heat up- Allow the rollers to cool down until you can touch them, and then give them a quick blast with your hairdryer, which will hold your curls for a while longer. Once cool again, remove the pins and unroll the rollers, allowing your hair to come loose.

7. Spritz, tousle and go!- Last, but not least, give your gorgeous new curls a spritz of hairspray, style them with your fingertips, and watch as you turn heads!