How To Get Beach Waves When You Have Curly Hair

How to get beach waves when you have curly hair How to create those beach waves, when you have wavy, frizzy or curly hair ?

We all want those gorgeous, natural-looking beach waves in our hair that look as if you have just stepped off the sand and never seem to go out of trend. Worn by movie stars and beauty queens the world over, if you are lucky enough to have curly already, they are actually super-easy to achieve by just following these simple tips.

1. Get a good cut- A good haircut can work wonders on any type of hair and head, so before you do anything else, start off by getting a good haircut that will accentuate the natural wave in your hair. A good cut for wavy hair will consist of layers around the face, while leaving the back straight and at one length. Layers around the face should create a soft, tousled look without having to do much else.

Expert Tip: Avoid going for layers at the back of your head, as this will create a ‘bunched’ look, rather than loose waves.

2. Spritz, scrunch and go- Hair with a natural wave is easy to manage and can be left to air dry to achieve a natural, beach-tousled look. Apply a good sea salt spray to give the hair some ‘stick’, rub gently with a towel for a a few minutes, scrunch up hair with your hands and then leave to dry. This will undoubtedly give you a gorgeous ‘St Tropez’-tousle.

Expert Tip: Don’t want to spend a fortune on sea spray, simply mix some warm water with a few teaspoons of table salt and you have your own homemade sea spray!

3. Moisturize dry hair- If you have naturally dry hair, it is best to avoid the sea salt spray as this will dry out your hair even more, leaving it brittle and unmanageable. Rather go for a creme conditioner, which will keep your hair soft and moisturized, but just make sure to wash out completely. Towel dry your hair for a few minutes and then you can either scrunch with your hands and leave it to air dry, or use a blow dryer with diffuser to create super-tousled waves.

Expert Tip: Olive oil works just as well as a natural moisturiser for hair – just make sure to wash out thoroughly.

4. Sleep on it- One of the quickest and easiest waves to get beautiful beach waves in your hair without having to do much is to simply sleep on it! Just before you head to bed, dampen your hair and towel dry before placing sections of your hair into loose buns, which will dry overnight. In the morning, release the buns for stunning, natural-looking tousled waves.  Add some sea spray or spritzer, run your fingers through your hair and you’re one!

Expert Tip: Avoid using clips to hold the buns in place as they can stab you in the night – use soft elastic bands or twist and secure the buns with your own hair.