How to Look Beautiful to Your Boyfriend on a First Date

How to Look Beautiful to Your Boyfriend on a First Date How to look pretty to your boyfriend on a date ?

Looking for ideas on how to dress up for your boyfriend on a first date? When we think that love should see right through physical imperfections, it would not hurt to exert some effort to highlight your beauty. Some women dress up for themselves, for confidence and some for their boyfriend. Looking beautiful for a person isn’t wrong – it’s an act of thoughtfulness, and will reflect your taste and regard for self-worth. Here are simple things you can do so to look beautiful for your boyfriend, while meeting him first time.

How to look pretty to your boyfriend:

1. Stay clean and fresh. Take a shower and pamper yourself with aromatic bath salts. Your boyfriend will love how you look and smell clean every time he sees you. Have a handy fragrant mist with you all the time for emergency close-up moments. Never get caught smelling like sweat or like you haven’t bathe for days.

2. Have clean beautiful nails. Men steer away from women who have dirty nails. It’s a reflection of unhealthy hygiene. Unless you’re doing field work or doing some cleaning, dirty nails shouldn’t be an excuse. Keep your fingernails shiny, clean, and trimmed. And if you want polished nails, choose pink or red colors or nail art designs.

3. Dress feminine. You don’t have to overdo your wardrobe and look too mischievous and sexy. There are outfits that strike balance of feminism as well as sexy aura. On date nights, wear beautiful skirt and top that highlights your figure. A red dress can be perfect for romantic dinners. When going to some formal event, a black feminine dress can be elegant as well as beautiful. For outdoor walks on local fair or piazza bistro dinner, wear something that a French girl would, a dress or outfit that’s comfortable, simple, but has its own personality. A pastel colored dress with scarf or light coat can be great for your afternoon dates.

4. Choose your tomboyish acts in the right time. You’re the girlfriend and he’s the boyfriend. But sometimes, you can dress like the boys during game nights or adventure sport activities. Some men love women who can rock and blend in with the boys. Going for outdoor biking in the weekend? Rather than wearing sexy shorts and sleeveless top, check out if they’re into professional outdoor gear. Wear similar outdoor sports outfit for women rather than looking too sexy like you’re out of place and trying to steal the limelight. You can wear a cycling dry suit that’s designed for women, you’ll blend right in but you’ll look sexy and sporty as well. Another example, if everyone’s invited for a finals game night, support their team by wearing the varsity T-shirt or their fave team jersey.

5. Choose nude to light make up. Cosmetics should highlight your beautiful assets rather than making you look like a zombie or someone else. Nobody’s perfect, but you can choose make-up that covers up some imperfections. Don’t wear too much foundation or colors that are too loud, choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Highlight your eyes as well. Mesmerize your boyfriend with beautiful dramatic smoky eyes that will enchant him all night.

6. Have beautiful soft hair. Men like women who know how to dress up their hair. A simple outfit of crewneck t- shirt and jeans can be transformed into a sexy alluring one with the right hairdo. If you have long hair, from time to time, make large wavy curls that highlight the shape of your face. If you have straight hair, keep it shiny and smooth to touch. Try massaging some drops of Argan oil to your hair strands to make it soft and vibrant. In any hairstyle or occasion, keep your hair shiny, clean and smelling good.