How to Make Nails Grow Faster & Stronger – Most Effective Remedies

make-your-nail-grow-faster Tips to make nails grow quicker

Nails are part of our skin and are made up of layers of protein called “keratin”. We would all like our nails to grow faster as beautiful nails mean beautiful looking hands. Whether you prefer to keep your nails short or long, there are ways and means to make your nails grow faster. Finger nails grow faster than toe nails, on an average, one tenth of an inch every month. There are various factors which add to their slow growth like poor health, change in hormones and weather conditions. While every person’s body is different and their nails grow at different rates. Here are some excellent ways to both manage your nails and help them grow faster.

Take Care of Your Nails

The first step to make your nails grow faster & stronger is to take better care of them and practice good nail maintenance.

1. Shape up- Allowing your nails to become rough and jagged can cause them to weaken and therefore break easily. If you want your nails to grow longer and stronger, you need to keep them in good shape – quite literally. Use a nail file to shape your nails and remove any jagged or rough edges, followed by buffing them well, which is the same as polishing, which will give them a lovely sheen.

2. Moisturize- Nails that are dry and brittle are more prone to breaking, so keep them well moisturized. Use a good hand cream and apply every morning and night so maintain the moisture levels in your nails. This will promote better growth.

3. Be gentle- Treat your nails well and they will treat you well. Don’t bite, pick or tear them – trim them with a pair of nail scissors or nail clippers, as this will keep them smooth. Biting your nails can become a bad habit and one that is difficult to stop, so try and avoid biting them. If you already have a habit of biting your nails, your local pharmacy will stock good products to apply to nails to help you quit the habit.

4. No harsh chemicals– Avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails as this can cause them to weaken and break. Many nail polishes have chemicals in them, so find a non-toxic nail polish and nail polish remover to use on your nails. Protect your hand from harmful detergents throughout the day by wearing gloves when you wash dishes or clean your home as they can dry your hand and nails out.

Get Some Extra Help

Once you have started a good nail care routine, you can now try a few other methods that might help your nails to grow faster.

1. Nail Strengthening Polish- Apply a coat of nail strengthening nail polish to your nails, many of which have special ingredients, which help strengthen and promote better growth. Remember not to leave the nail polish on for too long as your nails might turn yellow – always remove nail polish after two weeks and let your nails rest.

2. Get Moving- Get moving to get your blood circulating as a good circulation helps your nails grow faster. Get plenty of exercise, particularly with your hands, such as knitting, drawing, gardening or playing tennis. Lifting weights at least three times a week is very good exercise for increasing and maintaining good body circulation.

3. Stay Warm- Keep your hands warm if you are in a cold climate as this will increase blood circulation and therefore increase nail growth. Get exposed to sun, which contains Vitamin D, which is an important vitamin that aids nail and hair growth.

4. Eat Right- Make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet, which should contains plenty of protein (found in lean meat, eggs, milk, and green vegetables), calcium (milk, yoghurt), and a variety of vitamins and minerals which support healthy growth of all parts of the body, including your nails.