How to Make Your Eye Lashes Look Longer and Fuller

Longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes How to get longer and fuller eye lashes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and there is no better way to draw attention to them than with beautiful long eyelashes. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with lovely long lashes, however there are some fantastic make up tips and tricks that you can use to make your eyelashes look longer, fuller and more luscious.

1. Magical mascara- The easiest way to make those lashes look longer is to apply some mascara. To create an impression of longer, fuller lashes, start at the base of your eyelashes with the mascara wand and work your way slowly upwards towards the tip of the lashes. Repeat a few times to apply a few layers of mascara to add thickness and volume.

Expert tip! Use an eyelash primer before applying your mascara to enhance the length and condition of your eyelashes, as well as the color of the mascara.

2. Accentuate with eyeliner- Use eyeliner to accentuate your eyelashes by applying a bit of eyeliner at the base to make it look like there is more hair at the root of your lashes, which will create an illusion of thicker eyelashes. Make sure to use a color that is slightly darker than your natural eyelash color, such as dark brown or black. You can also use eyeliner to ‘extend’ your eyelashes and make them look longer. Apply black shadow to the root of your lashes with a small push-liner brush to add volume to the base of the lashes. Extend the line at the corner of your eyes to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller.

Expert tip! You can also use a technique called ‘tight-lining’, which involves applying eyeliner between each eyelash to create a dramatic, eye-popping look.

3. Use a curler- Use an eyelash curler to give the lashes a bit of a lift and some extra bounce, which will in turn, make them look longer. Begin at the bash of the lashes and clamp the curler down at the base for 10 seconds. For a shaper curl, squeeze the curler in the middle of your eye lashes as well. Be careful not to over curl the eyelashes as they will curl all the way back to the eyelid, which is not a good look!

4. Get extensions- A great, but expensive way to lengthen you lashes is to get professionally applied eyelash extensions. The process usually takes a couple hours and will last for months with only occasional touch-ups and will give you beautiful, natural-looking eyelashes.

Expert tip! Keep extensions at a reasonable length – extra-long eyelashes can look fake, so be sure to keep them at a normal length to maintain a natural length.

5. Apply fake eyelashes- Fake lashes are a fantastic way to get instantly longer lashes and a stunning dramatic look. There is a certain knack in learning how to apply fake eyelashes to make them look natural and stay in place, however, once you have the hang of it, your lashes will look spectacular.

Prepare your fake eyelashes before you apply them – trim them if they are too long and curl them so that they look perfect before you place them on your eyes. Place some adhesive (which usually comes with the lashes) on the base of the lash and let it sit for a few seconds before placing it onto your eyelid. Always apply the lashes from the outside corner of the eye and work your way inwards. Now use mascara to blend your natural eyelashes with the fake ones to create a totally natural look.

Use the removal serum provided to remove your fake eyelashes and be very careful not to rip them off as you could remove some of your own eyelashes at the same time. Apply the serum and wait about 10 seconds before carefully pulling the fake lashes off the edges of the eye to the center.

Expert tip! You can also use some petroleum jelly to remove the lashes.