Most Effective Ways to Fade Stretch Marks Fast

Most Effective Ways to Fade Stretch Marks Fast How to get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a common body issue among-st both men and women and most people who have them want to find a way to fade the unsightly marks or get rid of them altogether. While stretch marks tend to appear after distinct changes in the body, such as pregnancy, extreme weight loss or a growth spurt, they can also appear from stress and other changes in the physical condition of the body.

What is a stretch mark?

Formed quite literally by the stretching of the skin when there is an unusual change in condition, such as pregnancy or weight gain or loss, stretch marks are visible marks on the skin, with a slightly different colour to that of the surrounding skin. Generally found on the stomach or abdominal wall, they can occur all over the body, from the thighs to the breasts and buttocks and are very noticeable. While they pose no risk to the health, they tend to leave the bearer self-conscious and uncomfortable about their appearance.

While there are no sure-fire remedies for getting rid of stretch marks entirely, there are a few easy ways of fading these stretch marks that you can try at home, ranging from retinoid creams and glycolic acid to lemon juice and egg whites.

1. New Skin, New You- One of the best ways to fade stretch marks is to encourage the growth of new skin and this can be done by using products that contain retinoids and hydroxyl acids. Retinoid creams and products that contain hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid, encourage skin cells to regenerate quickly, replacing the damaged skin cells with new skin and thus fading the stretch marks. Creams, toners, and moisturisers containing these ingredients can be bought over the counter at most pharmacies or from your doctor.

2. Think Orange- Vital to the overall health of your body, Vitamin C works wonders in the healing process and daily applications of a Vitamin C cream can go a long way towards increasing the chance of your stretch marks fading. Massage Vitamin C cream into the stretch marks at least three times a day, or for faster results, take at least 500 mg of Vitamin C orally, and watch those stretch marks fade away.

3. Out with the Old, In with the New- Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Getting rid of dead skin allows for the growth of new skin to take place and this is an ideal way of getting rid of those stretch marks. Use an exfoliating loofah or exfoliating cream in the shower and give yourself a good scrub to get rid of all those dead cells. Moisturise with a good hydrating lotion afterwards to ensure your skin has sufficient moisture to regenerate new cells.

4. Try a Good Old Home Remedy- While there is no scientific evidence to support the use of these home remedies as a treatment against stretch marks, they are worth a try if you have them in the kitchen.

  • Lemon Juice – Naturally acidic lemon juice helps to strip away dead skin cells, while at the same time hydrating the skin for the regeneration of new cells. Simply squeeze some lemon juice onto the stretch mark, leave for 10 minutes and rub off in a circular motion.
  • Egg Whites – Egg whites are rich in amino acids and protein and can help in the diminishing of stretch marks and building new skin cells. Brush some egg white on the mark, allow to dry and wash off. Apply some olive oil or moisturiser afterwards to keep the scar hydrated.