What Clothes to Wear in New York in November and December

What-to-wear-in-New York-in-November/December How to plan a trip to New York in November & December ?

Here’s a guide on what clothes to wear in New York City during winter months. New York can be freezing cold in November and December. Temperature can go around 14 deg and below. It can be cold but still bearable if you’re active and constantly moving. For both men, women and children, the key to surviving New York winter street fashion is a good coat layered with urban style. Let’s look at essentials on what clothes to wear in New York city in November and December.

For women, what clothes to wear in New York in November/December:

1. The most common layered outfit is a good top, coated jeans, coat and boots. Don’t mock this New York street style combination, your main goal is to keep yourself warm and comfy.

2. However women can go very stylish with bold patterns and colors. Choose coated jeans because this type can have very radical textures and colors. Rethink how you see jeans with the leather and wax-like finish, plus coated jeans can come in different colors. We love the dark colors, black, blue, blue green, and maroon. They look great in Fall and Winter even when the colors begin to wear out.

3. For coats, choose thick fabric or faux fuzzy ones like shearling, tweeds and with cashmere like texture. If you want some personality on your outfit, choose from overcoats that have asymmetric cuts and bold colors. Cocoon coats can also be trendy items with their cozy shape and vintage cuts. They look great with leggings or fit jeans and ankle-high boots.

For men, what clothes to wear in New York in November/December:

1. The most common color choices in New York are in the neutral zone, like beige or brown coats and black leather jackets. However, on the trend are green and blue bold colors. Think military green cut jackets or overcoats. You can also match blue navy pea coats over brown chinos. The color just spells autumn and winter in the combination. Other stylish cuts that define you among the crowd are bomber jackets. Layer coat or jacket over shirt, jeans and suede loafers.

2. Among the favorite shoes styles for Men in winter are suede loafers, and leather Chukka boots. For more coverage, opt for brogue boots with dark jeans, beige colored coat, and white or light colored shirt. Want some color on that, look for brogue boots with contrast soles like red, blue or even yellow.

3. Another layered combination starts with collared shirt with tie, then knitted coat, and then a leather jacket. Pair that with dark jeans and dressy sneakers. This type of sneakers is another way of staying casual but will still keep you in the dressed-up level.

What essentials to pack, while visiting New York in November/December:

1. Scarves – This can never be forgotten from your winter wardrobe, and this applies for men, women and even children. Stack up with thick cashmere or knitted scarves to keep your neck warm.

2. Earmuffs Children love these and these two keep ears and hands warm. New York frigid temperatures especially at the December can be relentless and you need to keep your ears and fingers warm. Remember, these are usually the parts of our body that get frostbites first. Too bulky for you? Choose urban ear warmers or knitted headbands that can cover your ears.

3. Gloves Choose leather gloves to keep your hands warm. There are also winter mittens and gloves that have bold colors or designed with leather for more stylish option.