What Clothes to Wear in Paris in November & December

How to plan a trip to Paris How to plan to trip to Paris ?

Winter in Paris can be rainy and chilly, and if you’re coming over for vacation or to stay, you have to prepare what clothes to wear in Paris in November & December. During these months, days can be rainy with chilly winds and snowfall. It can get as low 3 degrees Celsius, and it’s not just snow and ice, you also have to be prepared with your trustworthy umbrella.

For Women, What to Wear in Paris in Winter?

1. For women, it’s all about sophistication in Paris. Sophisticated doesn’t mean gowns and formal attire all day, but more about creating a simple outfit that defines taste and simplicity. You can add some jewelry and statement accessories with basic winter clothes. Among the style staples for Paris winter fashion is a good collection of long coats and sweaters. For super cold days, wear a hooded parka to protect you from cold winds. Green is a very versatile color for coats, or jackets, or if you want to wear something that stands out, choose white or light pink coat. For winter office wear, collect some princess and chesterfield coats in tweed or pashmina. This will keep you warm as you layer it over your dress or top and scarf. Want something different? Choose a belted cape coat or pea coat. You can wear the coat over a sweater, top and leggings and boots. Or match it with your dress and leggings.

2. Leggings and boots are must-have versatile pairs that can go with your office dress, skirt or sweater. Black leggings or fitting jeans will be your everyday best friend. Choose leather or suede boots that’s flat or has low heels. When it snows, you’ll hate your heels. It’s best to wear flat footwear during winter.

3. Add some stylish and dressy pieces to your outfit to blend in with Parisians. It’s not really about signature items in your outfit, but its how you match the pieces that layer together. Winter in Paris can be a winter wonderland for fashion and style, and the key to blending in is to stand out with your own flair. White parka coat? Try matching it with blue jeans and leather boots. Or try a maroon petticoat, short dress, black leggings and dressy shoes for women. For more protection from the cold, wrap around pashmina or a knitted infinity scarf on your neck.

For Men, What to Wear in Paris?

1. Coats are also must-have outerwear during winter in Paris. Most men don’t really wear suits in the office unless it’s a formal event or there’s a business meeting. What’s the most important piece in your outfit that will make you look like a Parisian? If you’re going to work in Paris, make sure you bring some really good dressy shoes. Wear them on black trousers or dark jeans, and coat over your shirt or sweater. Something more casual? Try derby or sperry shoes with jeans, shirt and black leather jacket. If you’re going to buy or wear sperry type shoes, choose ones with inner shearling layer that’ll help keep your feet warm.

2. Most men in Paris also prefer neutral and darker colors on coats or jeans, and brown or black leather jackets. You’ll also notice that fitted look and rugged jackets are quite popular for younger men.

What You Should Not Wear?

Not really a taboo, but once you’re in Paris, you’ll never or rarely see women or men wearing sweat pants and running shoes. You’ll only see those when you’re in the gym or on the park’s running trail during summer. Most people who wear sweatpants are usually tourists. Nothing bad about it, but if you’d like to blend in like a local, then spice up some charming pieces on the wardrobe you’re bringing.