What Jewelry to Wear with Strapless Dress

How to accessorize a strapless dress How to style a strapless dress?

Strapless dresses are the most versatile among dress necklines styles. These shoulder-bare outfits can spell out summer at daytime, and at night, anyone can pullout different looks from them, from sexy to formal. Most of the time, you can change the look of a strapless dress with the accessories you wear with it. A simple change from diamond dangling earrings to bohemian chandeliers can change a simple strapless dress from a cocktail dress to a casual outfit. Here is another cheat sheet about what jewelry to wear with strapless dresses based on the occasion, strapless neckline styles and other radical jewelry pieces that look great with them.

What accessories to match with strapless dress?

1. Summer strapless dresses can be casual as well as sexy. For summer strapless dresses, don’t be afraid to wear necklaces with colors. Choose summer pieces with like turquoise, yellow, rose colored beads that complement the color of your outfit. You can use matinee and princess length necklaces, but your best option will be layered statement necklaces.

2. For strapless dresses in single color fabric, you can use bohemian statement necklaces and earrings to create some splash of color to your outfit. Large statement bib necklaces also work well for short or maxi strapless dresses. If you opt to wear large statement earrings with a strapless dress or maxi, skip the necklace part. Otherwise, choose smaller earrings like pearl studs and match it with large low choker.

3. Floral strapless dresses can sometimes look chaotic if you wear too much loud jewelry. In this case, choose layered necklaces that have single or monochromatic set of colors that will complement the colors of the dress. Do not use chaotic pieces. For example, if you’re wearing a strapless floral dress where the dominant color is blue or turquoise, you can wear matching necklace made of large turquoise beads. Layered chain necklaces of silver and gold are also versatile pieces that can go with any pattern.

What jewelry to pair with strapless dress?

Here are some unique, non-traditional jewelry pieces that you can wear as well with strapless dresses. Not for the faint in heart, but these jewelry designs can be equally elegant and casual, if not, it’ll definitely bring your out from the crowd.


1. Cape necklaces are best for strapless dresses with straight neckline. It works elegantly with little plain black tube dresses, or those with single colored flowing fabrics.


2. Armlets are more radical pieces but with the right design, it can transform someone into something exotic, mystical. It creates its own unique aura of elegance. If you’re not too confident about wearing statement armlet pieces, choose ones with small chains and small centerpieces. Some armlet pieces with rustic bronze chain design also looks great with white strapless beach dresses.

Multi Chain Armlet

3. Multi Chain Armlet sits on one shoulder and looks almost like cape necklaces. A gold or silver multi layered chain armlet with strapless black mermaid dress can look stunning.

back necklace4. Back necklaces look irresistible and sexy for dresses with plunging backlines or strapless dresses. These are among the favorites of celebrities in the red carpet. Wear your hair up with an elegant bun or side ponytail to show off your glamorous back.

Which necklace goes with sweetheart, semi-sweetheart and straight neckline?

There are three types of strapless necklines; sweetheart, semi-sweetheart and the straight strapless neckline. Almost every type of princess length necklace works well with strapless dresses, however here are some tips to make the most of your look

For straight neckline:


  • Straight strapless or tube dresses worked best with statement necklaces that sits just a bit above the straight neckline.


  • Collar style necklaces also look great with a straight strapless dress.

For sweetheart or semi-sweetheart neckline:

V shaped

  • V-shaped statement necklace and low sitting chokers look great with straight and sweetheart necklines on strapless dresses.


  • For busty women, avoid tight chokers on straight strapless dresses. Choose layered uniform pieces that will balance out the attention from your outfit.


  • For sweetheart or semi-sweetheart strapless formal dresses, choose sweetheart curved beads or pendants. They accentuate the classic elegance of the heart shape design of the neckline.