What Shoes and Accessories to Wear With Emerald Green Cocktail Dress

What Shoes and Accessories to Wear With Emerald Green Cocktail Dress How to accessorize a emerald green cocktail dress ?

An emerald green cocktail dress is perfect for evening parties. Its deep hue stands out at night. The color also goes well with all skin tone and hair color. On its own, green is not easily viewed as a feminine color. The key to accessorizing your emerald green cocktail costume, then, is to spruce it up with dramatic pieces. Read on to find out what jewelry and shoes to match with emerald green cocktail dress:

1. Go for bold, colorful earrings- Dangling earrings will match well with an emerald cocktail dress that has a simple neckline. Try soft shades of red or rose for earrings. You can also try different shades of green, like jade. Remember that lighter shades of jewelry draw more attention to your face. Also, think big: Your earrings should catch people’s attention. Try to wear your hair up for better emphasis!

2. Avoid statement necklaces- The color of your dress is already an attention stealer on its own. Let people admire your dress without any distractions. If the neckline of your emerald green cocktail dress needs a little accentuation, keep your choices subtle, like a simple, single-pendant, thin necklace.

3. Wear classic footwear- When wearing loud-colored dresses, such as emerald green, overdoing things when it comes to accessories is all too easy. For footwear, select a pair of shoes in neutral colors – beige, white, black, or gray. A darker shade of green, champagne, or silver can work, too.

4. Choose a small purse- Do not pair your emerald green cocktail dress with a large shoulder bag or a cross body bag: Either choice will block your admirers’ view of your outfit. Go for small and nude-colored purses. A little metallic shade on your purse can also work depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Remember that the color of your purse should mesh well with all you jewelry accessories.