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 It can be confusing and difficult to think of what shoes and jewelry to match with sequin dresses. It’s because sequins have a world of their own. You have to bear in mind that a sequin dress has two important characteristics. First they’re attention grabbers, in love with the limelight. And second, sequined fabric loves the silhouette of its wearer. Lighting and the curves bring out the glamour and sexiness out of it. With these in mind, here are some useful tips that will help you decide ‘how to accessorize a sequin dress’ or what shoes and accessories to wear with sequin dress’.

What Shoes to Match with Sequined Dress:

You have to be careful not to wear shoes that will steal the glamour out of your dress. The key to balancing the act is to not overdo it and don’t wear too much sequins from top to bottom. Here are some shoe styles that look great with them.

1. Strapped heels seem to be the favorite of sequin dresses. Simple one toned or subtle hued strapped sandals always look great with them.

2. For full gold sequin dress, a pair matching gold heels or open toe pumps should look perfect on any night party.

3. Do not wear shoes with loud details or colors.

4. Choose shoes that have the same color or hue with your dress color. Gold sequin dress to gold shoes, silver to silver or gunmetal .

5. For colored sequin dresses, wear shoes with lighter tone. For example, you’ll look sassy and sweet in flesh colored or light pink heels with your rose colored sequin dress.

6. If you don’t want to wear same color with your shoes, black heel pumps always work, even for sequin dresses with multi colors.

7. Wear shoes that are either shiny, in silk or satin. Texture is the key to subtly balance your look with sequin dresses.

8. You can wear high-cut suede heeled boots for that trendy rocker look. If you’re wearing a silver sequin dress, choose darker tone suede boots, like grey or black.

9. Always pair your black sequin dress with black shoes.

10. You can invoke the roman goddess look with a gold sequin dress and strapped roman style sandals.

Matching Jewelry and Accessories for Sequin Dress:

Let the sequins be all your jewelry on your body. Keep your other accessories like earrings, bracelets and purse in minimalist style. Here is the guide on what jewelry to wear with sequin dresses:

1. What jewelry to wear with a Gold or Silver sequin dress:

  • For full gold or silver sequin dress, wear earrings that are single toned. Silver dangling or diamond earrings will be enough.
  • Blue gemstones on earrings can also add some go well with a silver sequin dress
  • If you’re planning to wear an all-sequin dress with sleeves, it’s best to skip the necklace on top of it.
  • If you must wear a necklace with a gold dress, choose a black layered or large collar necklace and match it with black heeled pumps.
  • Tone down a gold sequin dress with a black purse or black belt. For an all silver sequin dress, match it with dark gunmetal colored purse.

    sequin dresses

2. What jewelry to wear with strap less sequin dress:

  • For strapless sequin dress, you can still wear a necklace. The jewelry style should depend on the occasion, but the safest bet will be to wear a simple gold or silver pendant. However, for black, blue or green strapless sequin dress, you can match it with a statement necklace. Black strapless sequin dress looks great with large matte turquoise necklace.

3. What jewelry to wear with a Black or Green color sequin dress:

  • Keep your earrings simple. Single gem stud or dangling earrings look great with black or green sequin dresses.
  • Match black or green sequin dresses with silver or diamond earrings for added splash of color.
  • To get the look of vintage Gatsby style, wear a lariat pearl necklace over your black sequin short dress.
  • If you’re wearing a dress with black top and the lower half are all sequins, you can wear a simple chain  or pendant necklace to balance the glitter.

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  1. Mila November 6, 2015 at 5:57 am -

    Hi I wanted to know , can I wear thigh high grey suede boots with a short navy blue sequin dress ? Would those colors clash or would it be considered a good idea?

  2. Susan December 2, 2015 at 1:03 am -

    How would you style a red sequin dress