What Shoes and Jewelry to Match With Red Cocktail Outfit

What Shoes and Jewelry to match with Red Cocktail Outfit How to accessorize a red cocktail dress ?

Wearing a red cocktail dress to any event is, by itself, is a certified attention grabber. Red is a bold color that instantly demands the eye’s attention. That is why accessorizing a red costume outfit must be done tastefully and carefully to avoid looking overdressed. Read on to learn what shoes and jewelry  to pair with red cocktail outfit:

1. Ditch the necklace and brooch- Your red cocktail dress should be kept as it is; do not wear a necklace or brooch on it. The color of your dress is already a bold fashion statement. Let people’s admiration focus on your outfit.

Note this is not a hard and fast rule. For as long as the necklace or brooch does not distract people from your red dress, then it’s okay. An example would be a simple and classic pearl necklace matched with white shoes for your dress.

2. Wear all other jewelry, but don’t overdo it- Other jewelry accessories, such as earrings, bracelets, rings, and watches, can be gazed upon pleasantly without serving as distractions to your red cocktail dress. Keep your jewelry a little subdued though; long, dangling earrings may compete with your outfit instead of complementing it. Red bracelets may be a bit too much red on your overall look.

3. Go for a small handbag- The key to wearing a red cocktail dress perfectly is to let the color of your outfit speak volumes for you. The rest should be subtle. Wear a small, red or black clutch with your dress. If you choose red, try to bring a different shade of red.

4. Wear monochromatic footwear- Choose classic black pumps, or a lighter shade of red, like pink, brown, or burgundy flats. You can also always spice things up by wearing shoes with a tinge of metallic flavor, like silver. The key is to choose shoes that complement your dress, not clash with it.