What Shoes and Jewelry to Wear with Turquoise Dress

Matching shoes and jewelry with turquoise dress How to accessorize a turquoise dress?

Turquoise conjures images of tropical islands and azure blue seas, swaying palms and golden beaches… it is a perfect color to wear during hot summer days and nights and works wonders on a lovely tanned skin. However, it’s not left for summer alone – deeper shades of turquoise also work in winter and look fantastic with the right accessories. Turquoise is a beautiful blend of blue and green, which traditionally is known as a ‘cool’ color, and there are many hues of this stunning shade, ranging from the sky blue celeste, to the deeper, darker pearl mystic turquoise. This range of shades means that turquoise can be worn in summer or winter, depending on the tone and can be accessorized accordingly.

Accessories are a vital part of any outfit and can make or break a look. Accessories for an outfit can range from jewelry, namely earrings, bangles, necklaces and rings to belts, bags, and finally shoes. Choosing the correct accessories is vital if you want to make a statement with your outfit without saying a word. Let’s take a look at various accessories that might complement a turquoise dress.

What jewelry to match with Turquoise dress?

Choosing the right type of jewelry to complement your dress depends on the occasion you are attending. The appropriate jewelry needs to be selected accordingly. For instance, a special occasion such as a wedding would require different jewelry to a night out on the town. Remember the rule of thumb when it comes to jewelry – if you are going to make a statement with bold jewelry, choose one statement piece only – wear bright earrings OR necklace – never both together.

1. For formal occasion- For formal occasions, jewelry needs to be subtle and understated. The best colors and types of jewelry for such occasions would be gold, silver or cream in a small, delicate design – nothing too bold or loud. A slim line necklace with a small pendant or a tennis bracelet in silver or gold would work for this occasion, and small earrings, such as diamond studs or hoops.

2. For informal occasion- Informal occasions such as a party or celebration calls for bolder jewelry that makes a statement, such as chunky necklaces and bangles, and large earrings. Color-wise, it is best to stick with subtle colors for the accessories as turquoise is quite a bold color in itself, and wearing bold colored accessories with a turquoise outfit risks becoming overkill. Gold and silver would work for informal occasions as well, however, creams, pale gold, grays and dark hues of blue work beautifully in conjunction with turquoise.

Which bag to carry with Turquoise dress?

The same applies when it comes to your handbag and the type of bag depends on the occasion you are attending. If you are going out on a shopping trip and wearing a light turquoise summer dress, then a lovely tan sling bag or over-the-shoulder tote works well. If you are going to your best friend’s wedding and wearing a beautiful off-the-shoulder turquoise dress, then a small clutch bag in a neutral color like cream or pale gold is perfect. Try to complement your bag with your accessories, so if you are wearing gold jewelry, a soft gold bag will work. Again, go for subtle or natural colors when choosing your bag as Turquoise is a bright a bold color and a bright bag would clash or be lost against the dress.

What shoes to pair with Turquoise dress?

Shoes are a vital part of any outfit and very often make a statement of their own, so it is important to choose your shoes carefully when putting together an outfit. Once again, choosing the correct shoe for an outfit would depend on the occasion – a day at the beach would call for a very different type of shoe than dinner at an expensive restaurant.

1. For formal occasion- Formal occasions call for a pair of beautiful shoes and whether you prefer wearing flats or heels, choosing correct style and color of the shoe is important. If you are wearing a dress in a light shade of turquoise, choose a soft color shoe, such as cream, pale gold or soft silver. Summer calls for open, strappy sandals or high heels while closed shoes or high heels are better in winter. Peep toe shoes are great for both summer and winter and look best in soft colors.

2. For informal occasion- A great pair of shoes can make a statement of their own and if you are wearing a turquoise dress to an informal occasion or simple day wear, then you can get away with wearing a slightly bolder color shoe. Stick with the cooler colors of blues, greens, purples and grays, rather than going for warmer colors such as reds, yellows and oranges as these will clash with the turquoise. Pair your dress with a darker pair of shoes to make a statement and attract attention to your feet or go for a lighter shade of shoe if you want the attention to be drawn to your dress.