What Shoes to Wear with Jumpsuits

what to jumpsuit How to choose a right footwear for jumpsuits ?

You don’t need a fashion guru to know what shoes to wear with jumpsuits. A throwback trend, jumpsuit styles today are nothing like the baggy coveralls back in the 90’s. These chic one-piece staples can go with almost any type of footwear style, as long as you can achieve two things on your look. First, don’t look shorter. Your complete outfit should make your legs look longer. Footwear can easily change someone’s perspective of your height when matched correctly. Second, don’t forget to define your waist. The best jumpsuit outfits should flatter your figure.  Look taller but don’t lose that hourglass figure from top to bottom. Your shoes play an important rule on that. The footwear to wear with jumpsuits should extend your height as well as enhance the lines from your waistline down.

What shoes to wear with jumpsuits:

1. Match Kitten heels with Tapered Jumpsuits. Most fashionistas swear by heels and jumpsuits. Heels make you look taller and that’s the perfect concept when wearing these onesies. Your entire outfit should make your legs look elongated. Kitten heels can create a balance of sophistication and casual vibe with a jumpsuit. This type of footwear has a slender tapered heel that’s less than two inches. Choose simple slides, sling backs or pointy kitten heels for your full length jumpsuits.

2. Pair Wedge shoes with Sporty Jumpsuits. Ready to go a safari chic look with a sporty jumpsuit? Pair a brown or khaki sportive jumpsuit with brown wedges. If you have a flowy baggy jumpsuit with tapered bottom, you can match with wedge heels. You can choose dressy wedge sandals with mid-height heels and pointed toe for that added sassy look.

3. Wear Strap Stilettos with Ankle-length Tapered Jumpsuits. Ankle-length loose jumpsuits look amazingly great with strappy stilettos. Well, almost any stilettos look well with tapered jumpsuits because they flatter the silhouette of the waistline and elongate the legs. Aim for simple strapped heels that reveal that sexy foot arch.

4. Pair Summer Jumpsuits with Thong Sandals. Not all occasions we have to wear heels. And not all people want to wear heels. For floral or printer summer jumpsuits, you can pair them with simple sandals.

5. Wear Boots with Boiler Suits. Boiler suits are loose fitting versions of jumpsuits used by men working in constructions. Fashion wise, you can fold up the sleeves and the bottom of the pants to make it look like a tapered ankle-length jumpsuit. What’s the best footwear for these baggy jumpsuits? Boots. Go for the high-heeled suede boots for the dressy look, or combat boots for a more casual style. There are still some footwear styles that don’t spell correctly with jumpsuit. Mary Jane flats, no matter how sweet they look, they seem to be the least favorite ones when paired with any style of jumpsuits. Though we can definitely experiment some more mix and mismatch, here are a couple more that we should avoid.

6. Don’t wear Printed Footwear with Printed Jumpsuits. You’re not going to a costume party, then don’t pair shoes with animal prints with floral jumpsuits and even printed ones. Heels with animal prints look gorgeous and sophisticated with all-white or all-black jumpsuits. If you have a jumpsuit with geometric prints, choose simple thong sandals with it.

7. Don’t wear Boots and Tight Jumpsuits. Not all people can pull off a look with tight jumpsuits. There are some chosen ones, but unless you’re going for a superhero, equestrian or catwoman look, don’t wear boots with tight jumpsuits. Tight or tapered jumpsuits, whether full length or capri cut, they’re best paired with heels or stilettos.

8. Don’t wear Flats with Ankle-length or Capri jumpsuits. Especially if you’re not a tall person, avoid flats with loose capri length jumpsuits. It’ll make you look shorter. You can still experiment with sleek flats but if given a choice, wear sandals instead. The best choice for ankle length or capri jumpsuits is high heels.

9. Don’t wear Sneakers or Running Shoes with Jumpsuits. If you’re not going skydiving, don’t pair your jumpsuit with your running shoes. Not even with denim ones.