What to Pack for a Trip to Singapore

What to pack for a trip to Singapore Singapore Travel Tips 

 Singapore is a small island situated right in the equator.  This is why it doesn’t have any specific season. The weather is always hot and sunny all through the year, with minimal exceptions during Christmas time / January. It rains even when the weather is hot. Loose and comfortable clothing remains the ideal for travelers. They will perform dual function, protecting your skin from sun, while at the same time keeping you cool. Singapore is one of the exciting tourist destination countries in the world. There are lots of places to visit in Singapore, to name few:

  • National Orchid Garden at Singapore
  • MacRitchie Nature Trail at Singapore
  • Night Safari, Singapore
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Universal Studio
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Under water world, Singapore etc. 

Let’s look at what to bring when traveling to Singapore:

1. A small portable umbrella. This is required because the weather can change unexpectedly. Singapore is famous for frequent drizzles and spontaneous thunderstorms. If you don’t want to carry your umbrella, you can as well rent one at selected locations or buy one from a convenience store. The umbrella serves as a local shade against the sun or rain as most local women do.

2. Casual dress. Blouses, t-shirts, comfortable shoes for walking, and denim shorts achieve great results too. The dresses should be neat and clean. Some clubs and restaurants may require more dresses like shorts, vests, flips, thus, it will also be nice if you can pack smarter outfits, jeans, lightweight clothes, and jackets.

3. A pair of sunglasses / sun hats. The sun is very unfriendly. This is why regular application of sunscreen and sun hat will be great.

4. A bottle of water. You really need it, so that you will be well hydrated. Beware of plastic bottles, health experts maintain that they can release toxins if they are heated up, and which will not be healthy to you.

5. Pack shawl / pullover dresses. Almost 90% of the shopping malls, restaurants and hotels are filled with air-conditions, so packing a wrap, shawl or pullover would be highly essential.

6. Carry a shopping bag. There are thousands of stores or shops around. So if you are a shopping freak. Ensure you carry empty carry-on bags, which will help you to bring your purchases home.

7. Pack your pushmina. You really need to use it to cover your heads or shoulder while visiting religious zones or communities.

8. Pack sandals. Sandals will be useful to you, because it will be easier to dry your feet after rain. The sandals you are using should be comfortable for walking around. It is also national footwear especially among the youths and children.

9. Take a solar powered charger. Don’t take separate electrical leads, adaptors, and chargers for all your devices and phones. If you go with solar powered charger, it will perform charge your devices at all times.

10. Go with patches. Smoking is a serious offence high. Defaulters will be severely fined. Laws are very strict on this. So, you can consider going with patches. This is why Singapore is a very neat country.


If you pack all the things mentioned in this short article “what to pack for a trip to Singapore“, you are assured of enjoying a peaceful and stress-free stay in this amazing country. Best of wishes!!!