5 Perfect Jobs for Pet Lovers that Pays $50/Hour

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In today’s world, pet lovers are increasing day by day. People spend more than $70 billion annually for the upkeep of their pets. You can make a decent income, if you can manage to get a fraction of this amount. And morevoer if you are a pet lover than why not to make this passion into a lucrative business. So let’s discuss the 5 perfect jobs for pet lovers that pays $50/hour:

1. Dog Walker:

This is one of the easiest way of making money because dog walk is a necessity. If you live in USA you will find that there is huge need for dog walkers, because in cities people are usually busy and they don’t have time for pet’s walk. So dog walkers are in great demand.

Initially, you can start with one dog and when you get little established, you can take this business to higher level.

Median Salary – On an average a dog walker gets usually $15-20 per dog for a walk of 20-25 minutes. More dogs in your kitty mean more earning.

How to find prospective clients –

  • You can advertise in newspapers.
  • You can distribute flyers to people/pet shops
  • Post your advertisement on craiglist/online websites.

2. Pet Sitting:

Yes you heard it right ‘Pet Sitting’. As I said above, people who live in cities are usually quite busy and they don’t have enough time to spend with their pets. So they look for people who can take care of their pets on weekdays or weekends

Pet sitting may include pet grooming, pet bathing, pet massage, pet feeding and dog walking etc. If you are comfortable doing all these activities than you can make a decent money.

Median Salary – On an average pet sitting jobs offer $20-25/hour/pet.

How to find prospective clients – There are some online websites where you can find pet sitting jobs

  • Care.com
  • Petsitter.com
  • Petbacker.com

3. Rover:

Rover is the world’s largest network of pet sitter. It connects pet owners with pet sitters. Rover offer services like Dog Boarding, Drop-in-visit, Dog day care, Dog walking and house sitting. Rover offers freedom of choosing you own rate and time depending upon your availability. You can create your free profile here and can start selling your services.

Benefits of registering with Rover-

  • 24×7 support
  • Free Advertisement. You need not to spend extra money on advertisement as Rover will take care of it.
  • Money Control. Rover handles all billing and payment part on your behalf.
  • You can set your own rates and availability.

4. Care.com:

You might be aware of this online website. You can easily find pet sitter jobs here. The average pet sitter rate is $15-20/hr/pet. Care.com is bit different from Rover. Here you can decide from the job listing, which one is more appropriate and convenient to you.

Registration at care.com is free but you might be asked to pay while applying for the jobs.

5. Starting you own Pet Blog:

There are millions of searches everyday about pet care. You can convert this opportunity into a lucrative business. Start your own blog about pet care. You can make videos or write about pet training, pet bathing, pet massaging etc. Once you start getting good number page views on your site, start monetizing it with Adsense or other advertising platforms. Earning potential from blogging is unlimited.

You may also think of writing e-books about pet care and sell them on platforms like Amazon, Teachable, Udemy and Skillshare etc.

Conclusion: I hope after reading this article you would take necessary steps in pursuance of your goal and will get yourself established in business.

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