How to Plan a Trip to Miami – Travel Tips

How to plan a trip to Miami Travel tips to Miami

Located at the south-eastern tip of Florida, Miami is one of America’s most popular vacation destinations. Not only does it boast fantastic weather all year round, but has an array of accommodation to suit every taste and budget, myriad stylish restaurants and bars, a vibrant nightlife and hundreds of things to see and do. Home to a melting pot of cultures, from the Cuban cafés and cigar bars of Little Havana to the glamorous art deco buildings, oceanfront hotels and world-class nightclubs of South Beach, Miami also has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches on barrier islands across the sparkling Biscayne Bay. So, all in all, this vibrant, energetic city won’t disappoint.

How to reach Miami?

  • Air- There are a number of ways you can get to Miami, depending on where you are travelling from. Miami boasts an international airport – Miami International Airport (MIA) – to which most airlines in the world travel to and from. The city also has a second airport – the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (FLL), which can also be used to gain access to the city. Transport from the airport is simple and easy to get – there is a range of shuttles, buses and taxis that run from both airports to various drop-off points in the city.

Expert tip! If you have the time, take the bus! It will be far cheaper than a taxi, and it’s a great way to see and get a feel for the city and its local people.

  • Cruises- Miami is one of the world’s most popular ports of call for cruise ships that depart and arrive here on a daily basis. Again, it is easy to get transport from the harbour to wherever you are staying with a bus, shuttle or taxi.

Getting around in Miami

Once you have arrived, getting around the city is just as easy. Taxis are east enough to hail; buses run efficiently and timeously, and there are hundreds of tour company that offer guided tours around the city that include hotel pick and drop and transport. If you are staying close to the beach, rent a bicycle and cruise around like a local, or grab a pair of rollerblades or roller skates and hit the beachfront. Scooter and mopeds are also available to rent to scoot around the city with ease.

Expert tip! Pack a good pair of trainers and walk! Walking is the best way to see a city, keeps you lean and fit and allows you to eat that extra ice cream, guilt-free!

Where to stay in Miami?

Miami offers a wealth of accommodation for every taste and budget, ranging from high-end, luxury beachfront resorts to boutique hotels, guesthouses, apartments, villas and hostels. Accommodation prices will vary according to the area or suburb in which you are staying, so do some research to find a suitable spot that will suit your needs.

Expert tip! Miami is abuzz year-round with visitors, so it is a good idea to book your hotel in advance so as to avoid any disappointment of not finding somewhere to stay when you arrive.

Things to do and see in Miami

Miami is packed with things to see and do for the whole family! Whether you are looking for a family-friendly holiday where the kids can be entertained, or a romantic break for two with fine dining and spa treatments, Miami has it all. From arts and culture to theme parks and sporting activities, to avoid any disappointment of missing something special, make a list of attractions to visit and see and start there. Here are Miami’s Top Ten attractions:

  • South Beach – arguably one of Miami’s quintessential hot spots, South Beach boasts everything from world-class shopping to unrivalled partying and a visit to this trendy locale is a must.
  • Everglades – Everglades National Park is full of sub-tropical jungles, swamps, prairies and and one of the most unusual public parks to explore.
  • Miami Zoo – one of the largest zoos in the nation, the Miami Zoo is home to animals from all over the world, including Asia, Australia and Africa.
  • Seaquarium – home to a myriad sea creatures, mammals and fish, the aquarium is one of Miami’s most popular attractions.
  • Miami Children’s Museum – an excellent museum for children where they can learn through play and exploration of scenes from a supermarket to a television studio.
  • Miami Museum of Science – fun for the whole family at this exploratory, discovery center, which has interactive and hands-on exhibits.
  • Jungle Island – get an up-close look at tropical birds in their natural environment.
  • Monkey Jungle – home to a plethora of primates that run free, swing through trees and interact with each other in fascinating ways.
  • Coral Castle – an extraordinary 1100-ton coral monument built by a Latvian-born Miami resident as a memorial to his lover, which took 28 years to complete.
  • Vizcaya – a historic 50-acre estate and European-style mansion that offers a glimpse at life in turn-of-the-century South Florida.