How to Prevent Acne Using Tea Tree Oil

How to Prevent Acne Using Tea Tree Oil ?

Anyone who has experienced acne treatment would really know how tiring the battle against acne is. It will cost you time, effort and money—much money for some cases. So instead of buying swords to engage into this combat, prevent it even before the conflict starts! Don’t let this invaders enter your territory by using tea tree oil. Below are some tips on how to prevent acne using tea tree oil

What is tea tree oil?- Tea tree oil comes from the Australian tree named Melaleuca alternifolia and known for its healing, anti-fungal and antibacterial characteristics.

Need some proof?- A clinical trial conducted to around 60 people with varying needs of acne treatment came out with promising results that tea tree oil successfully reduced both their scars and their conditions. There are two reasons why using tea tree oil is a wise decision than settling for erasing acne scar products.

Compared to the countless acne treatments for acne scar removal, tea tree oil is a natural product. True to its nature, a comparative study between the tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide conducted by Bassett, Pannowitz and Barnetson resulted into a considerable fewer experiences of side effects like skin irritation in the case of tea tree oil patients. Also, tea tree oil is way more affordable than the commercialized acne treatments available. You may see it for yourself, the next time you go to a store, check if they have tea tree oil products and compare it with the others.

How to use tea tree oil to treat acne:- If you are interested in using tea tree oil, remember these three tips that will help you on how to prevent acne using tea tree oil.

First, the usual application of tea tree oil is two to three times a day, depending on your needs. Just remember that any excess on anything is not good, same goes for tea tree oil. Don’t assume that since it is natural, unlike other acne treatments, then it is safe to whatever dosage level you are planning with.

Second, if you experience any irritation or reaction, do not discontinue the use immediately. Your skin might just be more sensitive than the average, you should consider lowering the concentration of tea tree oil by mixing it with water for example.

Lastly, tee tree oil is not inclusively used just for acne prevention. Tea tree oil can also be used as an actual acne treatment since it is antibacterial. This solution therefore has the ability to unclog pores, eliminates bacteria, and stops more outbreaks.

How often to use tea tree oil on acne:- Much has been said about the natural characteristics of tea tree oil. However, tea tree oil just like the other acne treatments still has its side effects, some of which are redness, itching and irritation of skin. And there you have it, the general information that you are ought to know about tea tree oil. Whether you choose a natural solution or not, is up to you. Whether you decide to give it a shot as an acne treatment or acne prevention, the process is more likely just the same. The difference rather lies on how fast you take action towards the issue at hand that will definitely affect your face and yourself.

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