How to Accessorize a Black Dress

Diferent looks and combinations to accessorize a black dress How to style a black dress?

Everybody loves a little black dress, and it can be said that everyone looks great on one. Whether you go for a long or short black dress, a low or high heel, the darker color is very flattering and slimming, and you can have great fun accessorizing as almost everything goes with black. Black can be worn anytime of the day and to virtually any occasion and can be accessorized accordingly – think gold or silver for a night out on the town with friends, or go for something more subtle like diamonds or pearls for a more formal occasion.

How to wear a black dress?

Black is a fantastically versatile color and can be worn for almost any occasion from the office to a day at the races.

Office wear calls for an above-the-knee style dress with short cap sleeves or a lovely sleeveless, vest-style dress with a V-shaped or round neck. Pair the dress with a jacket or a neat little cardigan to cover your shoulders for a professional look and add a brightly colored scarf for a touch of color. Whether you prefer wearing flats or heels in the office, you can add a flash of color in your shoe choice – a red or blue shoe will certainly make a statement of their own.

Little black dresses work wonders for any party and all style, lengths and cuts look great! If you have broad shoulders and a long neckline, go for a strapless or off-the-shoulder style, if you have great legs, go for something short. A long black dress can also look beautiful, but be careful to add a touch of color with your accessories otherwise you run the risk of looking drab.

What jewelry to match with a black dress?

Your choice of jewelry will depend entirely on the style of your black dress you are wearing and the occasion to which are wearing it.

For formal occasions, it is best to go for something subtle, such as a simple diamond bracelet and earrings or plain gold chain around your neck or wrist.

While for informal occasions, you can pretty much go wild with your jewelry as anything will stand out against the black. Pair a simple black dress with bright, funky earrings and a chunky bracelet, or try a long chain with a pendant or charm on the end that sparkles and catches the eye.

Expert tip! Rule of thumb: A sophisticated dress style calls for simple jewelry, and a simple dress style can get away with detailed or bolder jewelry.

What accessories to pair with a black dress?

Ranging from slim clutch bags to chunky day shoppers, accessories are a reflection of your personality – some people look better with a smaller bag or purse while others can carry off the big shopper. Always go for something you are comfortable with and that suits your personal style.

Formal occasions call for something understated, such a small clutch bag in a beautiful pale gold, silver or champagne hue, while a casual event brings out the floppy beach hats, big day shopper or straw baskets.

Expert tip! Black is a plain color, so pair your shoes and bags for a classy, co-ordinated look.

What color shoes to pair with a black dress?

Again, because black is a plain, fairly neutral color, you can add a touch of color with your shoes, no matter that the occasion.

For formal occasions, go for something slightly more subtle, such as a pale gold or silver shoe – you can also wear a black shoe with a bit of a sparkle.

For informal occasions, such as a day of shopping, a day at the beach or a lunch with friends, anything goes – brightly colored sandals, flat pumps or a cork heel any color. Check out the latest color trend for the season and be on trend with your shoes!